Larry Jacobs
Larry Jacobs

When do you need a self-defense flashlight?

Easy, when you don’t have one.

What is a self-defense flashlight?

Basically, it’s a small flashlight. It should run on AAA or lithium batteries, be made of some type of aluminum and have a beveled edge.

Such lights can cost anywhere from $10 to $200.  You can find them all over the place. To learn about them and see how they rate, check them out at or type in “self-defense flashlights” in Google.

The light is bright, so it can help you find lost items. Or it could help you find your front-door keyhole at night. Best of all, you can use the flashlight to defend yourself.

Just think how much it would deter an attacker if you shine the light in his/her face,  or, if the flashlight has a beveled edge, you push the edge into his/her arm or hand when you are being attacked.

Should you also carry a self-defense pen and a whistle?  I think you should.

A self-defense pen is a working pen that also can be used to defend yourself from an attacker.  It, too, will usually have a beveled or pointed edge.  You can also find these on and Google.

Lastly, you should carry a whistle. Guys or gals. Bad guys don’t like attention and a whistle is a great way to get attention, especially if you are in fear of being attacked.

Wear one with a break-away lanyard, so you can’t be chocked with it.  Wear it when your jogging, walking the dog, shopping or wherever.  You can wear it under your clothes so no one sees it.

Good luck.

Officer Larry Jacobs is the Crime Prevention Officer for the Sandy Springs Police Department.  He can be reached at

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