DeKalb County has agreed to provide Brookhaven with $500,000 from federal grants toward inspecting and improving apartment buildings along Buford Highway.

At the Brookhaven City Council’s work session April 9, City Manager Marie Garrett said DeKalb County’s Community Development Department will pass the federal grant funds to the city.

The federal block grant funds will allow the city to inspect one apartment building a week.  Officials will be able to inspect all 72 apartment complexes in Brookhaven over an 18-month period. Before the grants, city officials estimated it would take six years to inspect all of the city’s apartment complexes.

“We are very excited,” Garrett said. “This is a great partnership.”

The money will come from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant Program. Funds will go toward inspections and exterior renovations and repairs.

Garrett said the money will be focused on Buford Highway to ensure there is “sound housing” near jobs and schools.

“We are really going to focus on bringing all our apartments up to a health and safety standard we can be proud of,” said Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams.