• Anna Kate Jones, Senior
  • Lovett School
Anna Kate Jones
Anna Kate Jones

Anna Kate Jones knows the career she wants. She wants to teach.

“I want to do something with kids, and I have always been good at teaching” she said.

Anna Kate’s introduction to instruction came in the ninth grade, when she helped out at her neighborhood swimming pool by teaching kids how to swim.

She saw the impact she had on her young students. That convinced her to pursue teaching. She signed up to tutor at Lovett, helping fourth graders in math, writing and reading.

“It was not what I expected,” she said, “but I began to really enjoy it.”

She hopes eventually “to understand children and how they learn.”

She has broadened her teaching experience by taking part in the “Pal” club at school and participating as a mentor. She guides freshmen through the ropes of high school by going to their homerooms once or twice a week to advise them.

Once or twice a week, she and her students go out to lunch and chat. She’s learned perspective. “I want to get to know them personally,” she said, “so that I can be able to reach out to the kids even more.”

Apart from teaching, Anna Kate lists English and History as her favorite classes.

Her English AP literature teacher, Debi Ohayon, calls Anna “a wonderful student.”

“She is always attentive, engaged and enthusiastic,” Ohayon said. “Her future students will be so fortunate to benefit from her intelligence, energy and kindness.”

Anna Kate has engaged in various mission trips through both school and church. She works with local charity groups and was a finalist for the Sewanee Bonner Scholarship, which requires eight hours of service a week.

She also has been very involved in clubs and sports since the beginning of high school. She competed in gymnastics in ninth and 10th grades, and in swimming and cheerleading all four years of high school.

As a member of the Pride Club, she promotes school spirit and motivates her classmates to get involved in sporting events.

What’s Next:

Anna Kate plans to attend the University of Georgia in the fall. She hopes to pursue early childhood teaching and also continue to find ways to give back to her community.

This article was reported and written by Reporter Newspapers intern Felipa Schmidt, who is a junior at the Atlanta International School.