The city of Brookhaven intends to take over management of its stormwater system from DeKalb County.

Public Works Director Richard Meehan said the city will likely need to increase the $48 annual flat rate per house the county charges for residential properties.

The rate is barely enough to keep up with maintenance costs, he said.

“With the needs we’re going to have for pipe replacement … and structure maintenance, we don’t think $48 is going to be enough,” Meehan said.

Meehan said DeKalb is considering raising its stormwater fees to $60 per year. Dunwoody charges a stormwater fee of $69 per year.

Meehan said DeKalb County has already conducted an inventory of the storm water system in Brookhaven, which will be a significant savings for the city, Meehan said.

“DeKalb has already done the inventory work for us,” Meehan said. “Dunwoody didn’t have that inventory and they had to spend money from their stormwater fund their first three years to get that inventory.”

Brookhaven will begin billing residents for storm water services this year.