The Pink Pony strip club’s attorney has asked Brookhaven City Council to consider de-annexing the club from the city limits.

The club is suing the city over an ordinance that would prohibit the club from serving alcohol and offering nude dancing.

“The ordinance you have passed will put Pink Pony out of business,” lawyer Aubrey Villines said.

He told the council that in addition to the revenue the club would bring directly to the city, the Pink Pony also supports other local businesses.

“We bring over 300,000 people a year to Brookhaven,” Villines said. “All those patrons come to Brookhaven to buy gas, buy food. … Our employees put their children in daycare in Brookhaven, go to church in Brookhaven.”

He said the city should welcome the additional revenue.

“If you don’t want us, let us go,” Villines said.

Villines said if the club left the city of Brookhaven, it would be able to continue its current form of operation in unincorporated DeKalb.

“There’s a process called de-annexation,” Villines said. “Let us go back to DeKalb County, which is pro-business.”