Brookhaven officials announced they will not enforce the city’s new sexually oriented business ordinance until a ruling is reached in the lawsuit filed against the city by the Pink Pony strip club.

On June 13 the city told the club it would temporarily stop enforcing its regulations regarding nudity, alcohol consumption and hours of operation for sexually oriented businesses, city officials said in a press release.

“The city believes that this offer will facilitate an orderly judicial resolution of plaintiff’s claims and thereby conserve the resources of all parties,” City Attorney Bill Riley wrote in a letter delivered to Pink Pony attorneys on Thursday.

In May, the owners of the Pink Pony sued the city in response to Brookhaven’s sexually oriented business and alcohol ordinances, claiming they would destroy the business.

According to a news release, the city is drafting a response to the suit, and anticipates asking the court for a hearing on the validity of its ordinances.

“Courts in Georgia and throughout the nation have upheld similar ordinances and we believe that the city’s ordinances are constitutional as well,” Riley said.

According to the city, the Stardust adult store on Buford Highway has been cited on multiple violations of the city’s sexually oriented business ordinance and is scheduled to be in Brookhaven Municipal Court on July 12.