Brookhaven City Council members were optimistic about the city’s revenue during the first of three public hearings on the city’s tax rate June 17.

Finance Director Bonnie Kline said if the Council approves a millage rate of 3.35, the city would bring in about $6 million in property taxes in 2013.

“We’re looking at almost a million and a half more in property taxes than we originally estimated. I take that as good news,” said Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams.

During the public hearing, resident Stephanie Miller asked council members not to raise her taxes above what she paid before the city incorporated.

“I’d love to not have to pay one dollar extra over what I paid last year,” Miller said. “I’m looking at a $750 increase over a two year period. That’s a lot of money.”

Resident Karen Lord asked council members to keep taxes low.

“I want everybody to remember this city was sold to us as less taxes and better services,” Lord said.

Brookhaven officials will hold two more public hearings June 20 before the City Council is scheduled vote on the city’s millage July 8.