Brookhaven’s Planning Commission is preparing to rezone the Century Center office complex that has applied for annexation into the city.

Brookhaven Planning Director Susan Canon told the commission members at their July 3 work session that they will hear the rezoning request initiated by the city on July 18.

The City Council will deliberate on the zoning July 22 and vote on whether to annex the office complex July 23, according to Canon.

“When you annex property, you rezone it,” Canon said. “Annexation is not subject to zoning procedure, so it only goes to the Council.”

Century Center is located just south of Brookhaven’s borders at I-85 and Clairmont Road. Canon said the property owners approached Brookhaven and petitioned to be in the city.

However, Century Center is also slated for potential annexation into Brookhaven’s neighboring city of Chamblee.

The commercial area is to be included in an annexation referendum on the November ballot, along with neighborhoods in the Dresden East and Clairmont areas. Residents worry that if Century Center joins Brookhaven, Chamblee will lack the commercial tax base necessary to annex their neighborhoods.

Canon has recommended that the Century Center property be zoned Pedestrian Community District. It is currently zoned Office Industrial and Office Distribution by DeKalb County.

“It’s a mixed use zoning allowing for a variety of uses,” Canon said.