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Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones has known he wanted to do theater at The Galloway School ever since he started painting sets at 10 years old.

“Both of my older brothers did the theater program, so I grew up in that community,” Jacob said.

Throughout his time at Galloway, Jacob took on many roles, including favorites as the Scarecrow in “The Wiz,” and the King in “The King and I.” “It was very challenging, but in the end, we had a great time and a really fun experience,” Jacob said.

Challenge does not intimidate, but rather motivates Jacob to work harder. “I enjoy being outside of my comfort zone,” said Jacob.

While preparing for a musical freshman year, Jacob was required to take dance technique classes, a completely new experience for him. He grew to love dancing, and by sophomore year, he joined the Dance Ensemble.

“My love of theater morphed into a love of the arts, and I’m now a big fan of dance,” said Jacob.

His newfound interest is aerial dance, in which he uses two vertical pieces of fabric attached to the ceiling in the choreography.

In the creative spirit of Galloway, Jacob decided to join the Galloway Jug Band, where he, along with other students and teachers, play old American folk songs with jugs, pots, pans and a washboard.

Jacob is just as passionate about helping people. When he was 13, he started getting involved at P.A.L.S. (Pets Are Loving Support), an organization that provides pet care to those who are medically or financially unable to care for their pets, and he continues to help out one day a month.

After Jacob joined the Galloway Service Board in high school, he encountered an opportunity to travel to Nepal, which he received on scholarship with eight other kids from around the country. Their mission was to provide running water for a girls’ school in order to eliminate the hours-long trek up the mountain for water.

After his experiences abroad and through his reading, Jacob has become passionate about working for equality. “It’s not OK to put other people down for no reason,” said Jacob. “There’s so much work still to be done.”

When he’s not busy dancing or helping others, Jacob loves being outdoors. He’s particularly fond of hiking.

But during high school, it was rare to find a spare moment to head outside. “There were times when I felt like a crazy person for doing all that I was doing,” said Jacob.

Sometimes, he would have to stay up all night after rehearsal to study. “But it was all worth it,” he said. “I’ve made really great friends.”

Jacob does not underestimate the little moments in life, taking advantage of every moment he has to touch another’s life. “Even as simple as giving an old lady a compliment on the street. There is nothing compared to seeing that smile, that kind of personal connection.”

What’s Next:

Jacob plans on attending Colorado College, where he would like to pursue aerial dance and psychology, as well as being outside and continuing doing charity work.

This article was reported and written by Elizabeth Wilkes, a student at North Springs Charter High School.