brookhaven police swear in - 0085
Members of the police department are:
Andy Benefield, Brent Bernard, Christine Lewis, Daniel Tyler, David Fikes, Delroy Stewart, Dustin Matthews, Garvin LaCroix, Howard Miller, Jacob Kissell, Jarrett Strickland, John Clifford, Johnny Alemany, Joseph Amnicki, Joseph King, Justin Young, Lonnie Napier, Maria Gresham, Matthew Murray, Moises Vargas Jr., Olen Boughner, Patrick DiCicco, Qui Q Vu, Roderick White III, Russell Chatham, Scott Kubiak, Shandra Grier, Stacy Gibson, Taj V. Adams Sr., Timothy Hanner, Tyrone Miller, Usman M. Latif, Victor Dankewich, William B. McDaniel, Wilner Piquant, Renan Lopez de Azua, Thomas Martin, Russell Davis, Camella Mungroo-Patterson, Linda Burke, Tyrone Oliver, Brandon Gurley, Juan Grullon, Mike Goode, Chad Latonis, Jeff Vanaman, Antoine Redding, Mike Whittle, Shameta Harrell-Jones, Eric Silveus, Chris Shelton

The city of Brookhaven’s new police department officially takes to the streets July 31. Fifty-four officers make up the department, including Chief Gary Yandura, second from right in the front row in the photo below and Deputy Chief Ron Freeman, third from left in the front row.

On July 15, Mayor J. Max Davis swore in new officers during a ceremony at The Marist School.