Parents who want a charter school in Buckhead think they have a shot at changing School Superintendent Erroll Davis’ mind on the subject.

In a letter emailed on July 12, Atlanta Classical Academy Chairman Matthew Kirby said a vote on the school will be rescheduled for August. The vote had been scheduled for July 1.

“On July 1,…with the help of APS board members and administrators, we encouraged the superintendent to pull his ‘no’ recommendation (and the board’s vote) from the APS board meeting agenda. In effect, we have been granted an opportunity to get to ‘yes,’” Kirby wrote in an email to supporters. “Your ACA Launch Team continues to work toward the next regular APS board meeting which is August 12. We think we can get an approval! What has gotten us this far is a world-class plan and community support.”

An APS spokeswoman said on July 18 that Davis has not yet issued a recommendation for the August meeting.