DECATUR, GA (CBS ATLANTA, Reporter Newspapers broadcast partner) – Prosecutors in the Andrea Sneiderman perjury trial are trying to prove she did not reject the sexual advances of her boss, the man who would ultimately be convicted of killing her husband.

On Tuesday, prosecutors called to the stand a former friend of Hemy Neuman. Neuman was convicted in the November 2010 murder of Rusty Sneiderman and is serving a life sentence in prison.

Melanie White, the Dunwoody realtor who helped Neuman and his former wife buy a home in 2006, testified that beginning in July of 2010, Neuman confided in her that he had left his wife and was he was having an affair with a co-worker named Andrea, a married woman with two children. White would later learn that the woman’s last name was Sneiderman.

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