Sandy Springs librarian Marlan Brinkley, right, made a deal with local students that they could throw a pie at him for every book read over the summer. He held true to his word, and on Aug. 17, kids lined up to “give it to him.”

sandy springs library - 0530

Kaia Harvey hurls a pie toward the librarian. Below left, Marlan Brinkley, center, and covered in “cream,” is surrounded by his pie-throwing readers.

sandy springs library - 0541

Helen Berns, Grace Motahari and sister Nicole, Mariah Andrews, Abigial Gilbert, Sakhi Shah and sister Janki, Elizabeth Wong, Emily Hasler and Eve Daley.

sandy springs library - 0536

Mariah Andrews, left, a freshman at North Springs Charter High School, makes perfect contact with Sandy Springs librarian Marlan Brinkle.