Officer Larry Jacobs
Officer Larry Jacobs

Will my car get broken into?

This week’s crime prevention story is simple.  Is there a chance your car will get broken into if you leave anything of value in it?  Yes!

This is not limited to Sandy Springs.  This is a metro-Atlanta problem. Here are the reasons why the crime known as “entering autos” happen:

1)       It is a very easy crime to commit. No skill or brains are required.

2)      We have become a very portable society.  Most things we need to make it through the day can be kept in our vehicles.

3)      Most of (#2) are small items: cellphones, laptops, GPS, IPad, IPod, etc.

4)      Most of (#3) are easily concealed and can be easily sold by the criminals.

5)      Most importantly: You left these items in your car.

6)      Remove them from your vehicle.  If you can’t, then hide them (out of sight) before you get to where you are going.

7)      The Holiday Season is fast approaching, which means this problem will only get worse.  Start practicing these steps now.

8)      Call 9-1-1 immediately if you see anyone you think may be breaking into your car or someone else’s car.

Following these guidelines is no guarantee that your car will not get broken into, but it sure will lower the chances that it will happen.

Good luck!

Officer Larry Jacobs is the Crime Prevention Officer for the Sandy Springs Police Department.  He can be reached directly at

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