Three men were enjoying an early-morning meal at Waffle House in Buckhead on Monday when two other men decided to rob them.

One of the victims, who goes by the nickname of Cash Out, lost the most in the incident, giving up a watch and medallion valued at $26,000.

Atlanta Police report that around 6:27 a.m. on Monday, the victims were sitting at the Waffle House at the intersection of Pharr and Piedmont roads. They came over from the Room Service Lounge. A few minutes later, the two robbery suspects walked in and sat at the counter. At 6:40 a.m. the suspects approached the three men at the booth. One of the suspects slid into the booth next to one of the victims and put a gun against the man’s ribs. The suspect said, “Don’t move or say anything. I’ll shoot you right here.”

He then demanded the victims jewelry and iPhones.

According to police, the robbers took the following from the three men:

– A gold chain described as a medallion forged in the letters “DC” covered in diamonds valued at $6,000 and a Rolex watch with a big black face.  The watch was also covered in diamonds and valued at $20,000.  These items were taken from “Cash Out”.

–  A Rolex Submariner with a blue face valued at $12,000 as well as an iPhone valued at $500.

–  The suspects took an iPhone 5 valued at $500.

Police said the suspects left the business and ran toward Maple Drive in the direction toward Peachtree Road but there was no vehicle seen in the area.

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