The director of the Heiskell School said the decision to close the school in May was divinely inspired.

“We felt that that was what God wanted us to do,” said Heiskell School Director Cyndie Heiskell. “He made it clear to us that others needed to carry the mission forward.”

The Heiskell School, a private Christian school in Buckhead, will close its doors after 65 years of operation.

Heiskell said she’s heard mostly supportive reactions from students, parents and alumni who’ve heard about the school closing.

“They’ve been very sweet. Saddened, shocked a lot of them, but very supportive and very sweet,” Heiskell said.

Buckhead Coalition President Sam Massell, whose daughter attended pre-kindergarten at the school, said he was saddened by the news of the school’s closure.

“Buckhead takes great pride in the continuous excellence achieved by the private and public levels of education offered in our Buckhead community. To lose one of the finer institutions like Heiskell is a sad day for its rising student body and its involved parents as well as its teachers and administrative staff,” Massell said in a statement.

The Heiskell School was founded in 1949 by the Heiskell family after Miriam Heiskell started a small preschool in their home, according to the school. The Heiskell’s son Andy was recovering from polio and the family invited other children to learn and play as their son recovered. The preschool was continued and an elementary school started in response to community demand, according to the school.

Heiskell said school officials have not yet determined what they will do with the Northside Drive property. She said their priority now is working toward finding new schools for its teachers and 225 students.

“It’s the finest group of teachers I’ve ever worked with, and amazing students, and any school would be privileged to have them,” Heiskell said.

Heiskell said it is uncertain what the next move will be.

“We are leaving it open to see how God moves,” Heiskell said. “We don’t know what God plans and what God will do in the future. But we look forward to seeing what it will be.”