In Fulton County schools, March 14 will be a regular school day instead of a teacher work day and testing dates will be pushed back due to recent school closings for wintry weather, the school district has announced.

The Fulton school board approved the plan Feb. 20. It calls for delaying by four days the CRCT testing window for elementary and middle school students, giving students and teachers five additional days to prepare, the district said in a press release. The testing window now begins April 22.

The rest of the school year calendar does not change, the district said. Spring break remains on schedule for April 7-11 and the last day of school will be May 23.

District leaders also are exploring ways for schools to provide students with additional academic support after school hours, the district said.

“We looked to our school leaders, parents and community for their input on how to make up the missed days,” said Superintendent Robert Avossa. “We know that our schools’ instructional needs are very diverse, and that a one-size-fits-all approach wasn’t the best option. Some students are doing just fine with the missed days while others might need extra assistance to get back on track, especially those scheduled for Advanced Placement and End-of-Course exams.”

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Joe Earle

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