Just in time for summer, Reporter Newspapers photographer Phil Mosier captures the scene from neighborhood pools. For more photos, see our June 13 print editions.

Lila Rochio, 7, a member of the “Tidal Waves” swim team at Chastain Park pool, gets in some practice before a meet with the Gainsborough “Sting Rays” on June 3.
Bates Eden, 5, has a good time in The Branches Club swimming pool on June 6. Bates, a member of the club, was at the facility along with his twin brother, Jack, brother Oliver, who was celebrating a birthday, and father Jason.
“Hammerheads” teammates and twin sisters, May Weis, left, and Leah, center, get themselves pumped up before a swim meet against the Byrnwyck “Blue Dolphins” at the Hammond Hills pool on June 3.
Kyndra Leaphart, 7, does take a leap into the Murphey Candler pool, while her cousin Kiara McCoy, 9, awaits her turn during a day out on June 6. The city of Brookhaven took control over managing the Lynwood, Briarwood and Murphey Candler pools from DeKalb County this year.