The Wynterhall Warriors Swim Team in Dunwoody finished the season undefeated with a 5-0 record for first time in more than a decade. Wednesday morning swimmers “pie-ed” coaches with whip cream pies during practice to celebrate. The team submitted the following photos taken by swim mom Renee Arndt  to capture the moment.

Sweet victory. Patrick Wood (5) of Dunwoody, son of Susan and William Wood, pies Coach Joe Lashinsky (17) of Dunwoody, son of Susan Mitchell and Dan Lashinsky, in celebration of the Wynterhall Warrior’s undefeated swim season.
High five. Members of the undefeated Wynterhall Swim Team of Dunwoody, led by Head Coach Caroline Melton, Dunwoody High School alumna and daughter of Pam and Terry Melton, celebrate their 5 – 0 record this season with a team high five.