The City of Sandy Springs is seeking input from directors for arts organizations, theater, dance groups, music promoters, visual arts organizations, and youth and business programming to participate in an interactive charrette on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at Heritage Sandy Springs, 6110 Bluestone Road.

The charrette is intended to gain feedback from these groups on their organization’s potential uses for the city’s performing arts facility, including how the variety of programming uses will impact an annual calendar, amenities needs, back of house requirements and seating.

Rick Davis, Executive Director of the George Mason University Hylton Performing Arts Center, a multi-use facility in Manassas, Virginia, will facilitate the session.

“The workshop is designed to hone our strategy for the performing arts center and associated community meeting space.  We want to ensure we fully understand how the ultimate users – our local civic, community arts and similar groups – expect to use the facility, so we can fine tune the design for those uses,” said Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul in a press release.

Registration for the charrette is requested. Organizations can RSVP at  The sessions are organized by business and performance categories, and times for the sessions will be emailed to those registered.

A city council resolution supports a tentative City Center site plan that includes one building for government offices and a performing arts center, as well as green space and a mixed-use development.