The U.S. Postal Service has officially recognized “Brookhaven” as a deliverable address.

The city incorporated in late 2012, but the post office still listed Brookhaven addresses as “Atlanta” on mail. But during Brookhaven City Council’s meeting Oct. 14, Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams announced the post office will recognize Brookhaven as a valid address for ZIP codes 30319 and 30329.

“It may be a little step, but it’s an important victory in our efforts for cityhood. This is something that many of our constituents have asked about,” Williams said. “This shows we are official now.”

She said the city is still working with the Postal Service to get the name on the front of the post office on Dresden Drive changed to Brookhaven, and to also be able to use the name for the small area of the city in ZIP codes 30341 and 30324.

However, since most residents with those ZIP codes live outside the city, the Postal Service said using “Brookhaven” in those areas could cause confusion.

Residents and businesses can still use “Atlanta” if they want to, Williams said, but added, “If you are proud to be in Brookhaven and want to have that on your business cards or your official return address, the post office will get your mail to you.”