From police reports dated Nov. 2 through Nov. 15.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Aggravated Assault
(1 total)

2000 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—On Nov. 2, a bartender at the location asked a group to leave, and when they asked to see a manager, a fight broke out. The bartender was pushed, and he responded by punching a patron in the mouth. The patron was transported to Atlanta Medical for treatment; his lower left tooth was knocked out during the altercation.

Robbery (16 total)

1300 block of Dupont Commons—On Nov. 8, a car with two people inside was rear-ended while stopped at the intersection of Marietta Road and Dupont Commons. A man with a black semi-automatic pistol approached the driver as he got out to check the damage to the car. While pointing the gun at the driver’s face, the gunman demanded the man’s wallet, and then started going through the center console. A second man from the gunman’s car walked around toward the passenger side of the car and saw children in the backseats. “Babies in the car,” he yelled, and the two ran back to their car and drove south on Marietta Road. A license, a Galaxy S4 cellphone, an America Express card, a Wells Fargo debit card, a Visa card and wallet was taken from the man. A purse containing a wallet, a license, a Galaxy S3 cellphone, two Chase Bank cards and a Wells Fargo card was taken from the passenger.

1700 block of Defoor Avenue—On Nov. 6, four men in a silver four-door sedan parked near two people standing in a parking lot. As one woman started to back away, a man left the rear driver’s side door and pointed a black handgun at her, saying “Give me your bag.” A second man holding a black handgun got out of the sedan and took her Coach bag, with a debit card, driver’s license and an iPhone, and an iPad.

600 block of Holmes Street—On Nov. 2, four people in a four-door sedan pulled up to two people who were unpacking their car. “You know what time it is,” and “Don’t move,” they said with guns drawn. A woman held them at gunpoint while the other three people searched them. One man, wearing a gray hoodie, punched a man in the face, while taking his cellphone and a bag containing two pair of Air Jordan shoes. The man in the hoodie demanded the password to the phone. A wallet containing a driver’s license, Social Security card, $15, and a flip phone was taken from one person. A wallet containing a driver’s license; two pair of Air Jordan sneakers; a Wells Fargo debit card; $6; and a iPhone 5S were taken from the other person.

700 block of Holmes Street—On Nov. 4, three men entered an apartment, tied the residents up with belts and asked “Where the money is?” while holding a black revolver to their heads. One of the residents said he didn’t know anything about money. They stayed tied up for about an hour and a half while the men searched the apartment. One man got his hands free and jumped out of his bedroom window. He cut himself on the bushes as he landed, and then ran for help. The second man freed himself when he didn’t hear anyone in the apartment and ran to the door as police were entering the residence. A 47-inch television, an iPhone and a debit card were taken.

3300 block of Peachtree Road—On Nov. 6, three men entered a jewelry store. One of the men sprayed the security guard and then the owner with pepper spray. The men yelled out “robbery” and one man dropped a sledgehammer. They ran out of the store and were caught on camera exiting through a department store. They got into a silver or gold Dodge and drove away. A second robbery was reported Nov. 6 when two men with handguns approached a man in the parking lot from behind. “Give me your money,” they said, cursing. The man said he didn’t have any money and the gunmen left on foot.

2100 block of Liddell Drive—On Nov. 8, four men got out of a black sedan and approached another car in a parking lot. “Give me your wallet and cellphone,” one man said to the people in the other car. Two wallets with Georgia IDs and a cellphone were taken.

2500 block of Chantilly Drive NE—On Nov. 8, a man said his girlfriend asked him to take her to the store for chips and bottle water. Upon returning and exiting the vehicle, a man dressed in black attacked him and yelled, “Shut your mouth” and “Don’t move.” The woman tried to run and a man described as “chunky” yelled and cursed at her. The man dressed in black pointed a gun and struck the driver in the head with his fist, breaking his glasses, and dragged him to the ground. A second attacker entered the car and rummaged through the driver’s side. The two men took a wallet that contained $500 in cash, a debit card, credit cards and ID. Then they ran off, jumping the fence, and headed north on Chantilly Drive. A black plastic gun that was recovered on the ground next to the vehicle and two plastic bottles were submitted into property as evidence. The man was treated at Grady Hospital for lacerations on his hands and foot. The woman was not injured, but did not have any property taken from her.

1800 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—On Nov. 5, police responded to a fight call and saw a man trying to leave the area. A man said the man trying leave had assaulted him and took his car keys from his hotel room. The man had the stolen car keys in his pocket and was belligerent to officers. He refused to answer questions and kicked an officer while being loaded into the transport wagon.

1300 block of Middlesex Avenue—On Nov. 7, a man armed with a Glock pistol approached people standing at the front door of a residence. He ordered them to “lay down in the front yard” and give him everything in their possession. He took licenses, two Apple iPhone 5 phones, an American Express card, a SunTrust debit card and a Visa card. When leaving, he told the people to keep looking down on the ground or he would shoot them. He walked east toward Middlesex Avenue. The cellphones were turned off when the owners attempted to track them.

1200 block of Fairmont Avenue—On Nov. 9, a woman was walking to her car when a red car pulled past her and made a U-turn. As she entered her car, two of the people got out. One had a handgun and demanded, “Give me everything you got,” while pointing the gun at her face. She gave the suspects her black and gold clutch purse that contained an ID, credit cards and an iPhone. The robbers re-entered their vehicle and drove toward Howell Mill Road NW.

2100 block of Old Georgian Terrace NW—On Nov. 9, a man noticed a red vehicle behind him as he was attempting to back into his driveway. Several minutes went by and the man’s front door was kicked in and five men wearing hoods over their heads and surgical masks entered. The taller of the men pointed a gun at the man, while the other robbers went through the house turning over furniture and throwing items around. The resident was kicked and struck repeatedly with a brick wrapped in a shirt. A purse that contained car keys, credit cards, a license and an overnight bag with a Dell laptop, a second clutch purse containing credit cards, a license and vehicle keys to a 2008 Mazda CX-9, and an X-Box, a Nintendo, a Dell laptop, an HP laptop and a 30-inch television were also taken. The suspects fled in the victims’ vehicle, followed by the suspect vehicle.

1600 block of Buchanan Street NW—On Nov. 9, four men in a maroon car pulled up to the passenger side of a vehicle and got out. Two men approached the driver, punched him in the face and struck him with a hard object until he passed out. Two men approached the passenger, opened the door, pointed a black handgun at her and ordered her “not to move.” The men removed her wallet from her jacket and pulled her from the vehicle to the ground. When she was taken to the driver side of the car, two of the men touched her chest and genitalia while the other two laughed. The men searched the car, taking a wallet, $150 and a cellphone.

100 block of Huntington Road NW—On Nov. 9, four men in a burgundy car stopped in the road, and two got out and walked toward a person walking down the street. When she turned around, one of the men walked into the street toward her and said, “Give me your purse.” She gave up her purse and the men ran back up Huntington Road, got into their car and fled northbound on Peachtree. A purse that contained a Samsung Galaxy 5 cellphone, a scarf, a license, school ID and room key were taken.

East Paces Ferry Road NE—On Nov. 14, while two women were getting out of their car, two men armed with handguns got out of a black Chevy Tahoe and demanded their purses, keys, wallets and phones. A Coach purse, an iPhone, wallet, sunflower bag, purse and Honda Acura keys were taken from one woman. A burgundy clutch purse, pink wallet, Chase card, ID and keys to a Kia Sorrento were taken from the second woman.

1500 block of Piedmont Avenue NW—On Nov. 13, two men, one armed with a small black handgun, approached a woman as she was walking to her car and demanded her keys and money. One of the men grabbed her keys and entered her black 2011 Honda Pilot, while the second man demanded her purse. She resisted and was struck in the nose and upper lip area by an unknown object. The suspect grabbed her purse, jumped into her vehicle and they fled. A Galaxy cellphone, a wallet that contained a license and credit cards, a MacBook laptop and a black purse w/ white and black strap was taken.

Residential Burglary (18 total)

1100 block of Mount Paran Road—The back door of a house was kicked in and an alarm panel was ripped from the wall. The cabinet drawers and doors were left open. A laptop, two Cartier watches, two Bucherer watches, a Bailey Banks Biddle watch, a Raymond Weil watch, a gold grandfathers watch, two Sony flat screen televisions, miscellaneous silver and silverware, a lawn mower, three edgers, a nail gun, an air compressor and a table saw were taken. The resident was out of town for three days and the lawn caretaker reported seeing a dark blue Lexus SUV pull into the driveway to turn around.

1900 block of Hollywood Road—On Nov. 3, a bedroom window on the back of the house was broken with a rock. A television, cable router, laptop and some food items were taken.

1700 block of Commerce NW—On Nov. 7, a deadbolt lock was damaged and the residence ransacked. A Dell laptop, a Carnvio hard drive and a Wells Fargo and Chase checkbook were taken. The apartment was a corner unit, which was out of the view of cameras.

600 block of Channing NW—On Nov. 7, a front door was kicked in and a set of 2-carat diamond earrings, an Apple iPad, a Vizio 32-inch television and a MacBook Pro laptop were taken.

1300 Peachtree Park—On Nov. 7, the rear window screen of an apartment was torn off and someone entered through an unlocked window. A MacBook laptop and a Nikon D3000 camera were taken.

140 block of 26th Street NW—On Nov. 6, a Samsung 60-inch flat screen television, a Phillips flat screen television, a Lenovo laptop, a pair of white gold diamond earrings, a pair of gold pearl clip on earrings, a Crown Royal bag that contained an unknown amount of change and $1,300 in currency were taken.

200 block of 26th Street NW—On Nov. 6, a Samsung 32-inch flat screen television, a second generation Apple iPad, a 13-inch MacBook, an Apple TV remote, a Fifth Third bank checkbook and three throw pillows were taken.