The city of Sandy Springs on March 17 approved a contract amendment with Jacobs to complete design for dual roundabouts on Johnson Ferry Road. The company already had a contract for a concept report and environmental assessment.

The city will pay $799,988 for the design to be completed and will be reimbursed $763,253 with federal funds. The total cost of the project, including right-of-way and construction, is expected to be $14.2 million.

The roundabouts will be located east of Roswell Road near the future City Center, with construction expected to be completed at the same time as City Center construction in fall 2017.

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2 replies on “Sandy Springs OKs contract for roundabout designs on Johnson Ferry”

  1. The roundabouts will do nothing to shorten the queue on Johnson Ferry in PM (westbound).The traffic light on Roswell Road causes the backup. To be effective a roundabout needs unimpeded flow. Check websites and you will find none with traffic signals nearby. This is a poorly thought out project!

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