To the editor:

The May 29-June 11 Dunwoody Reporter reported that the Dunwoody City Council plans to spend one-half million dollars [$500,000] to employ outside experts tell us what we need to do for parks, green space, etc.
On its surface, this appears to be a gambit for elected officials to avoid taking a position by hiring outside “experts” [out of town, but who have a briefcase] who are paid to tell us what is best for us.

Council members, I don’t recall anyone running on the platform of “elect me and I will hire someone to tell me what to do!” You were elected because the voters liked your vision for the community.

Don’t wilt now. Have the courage you spoke about during your campaign. Don’t spend taxpayer money to cover your rear end. Within this community is a wealth of talent. Find it. Marshal it. Don’t outsource it.
Man up! Put your plan in front of the community! Let us know what you think the community needs. Be judged on your insights and vision, and not simply on what is contained in some 500-page document for which the rest of us paid $500,000. If you won’t put your plan out, if you can’t lead, or if you are simply in over your head, step down.
If we are hiring consultants for the important decisions, what is the role of the council and the city staff?
We are rapidly becoming like state and federal government where decision-makers cannot be found. “Things just happen.”

Larry Weber