Oglethorpe University President Lawrence M. Schall has gotten a new view of Atlanta this summer — as an Uber driver.

Schall says he saw a different side of metro Atlanta than he expected during his weeks as a driver. Schall writes about his experience in an opinion piece published on July 29 by The Washington Post.

“Before becoming a driver, I assumed the people who used Uber fell into three basic categories: young people (including lots of students at my own university) responsibly avoiding drinking and driving on nights out, business people who had switched to Uber for a faster response and lower cost, and folks like me who occasionally used Uber to avoid the hassles of traffic, parking or just because it’s the cool new thing to do,” Schall wrote in the Post.

“Yet in my dozen-plus Uber forays thus far, I’ve encountered no one who fits those categories. Instead, with the exception of my first rider (who turned out to be one of my students), my riders have been on their way to work or to a vital appointments. …  Instead of getting a glimpse into the new economy, I was getting full exposure to the burdens of the old economy — specifically, how hard it is for regular working people to make it from their home or apartment to a job every day.”

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Lawrence Schall
Lawrence Schall

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