The "Little White House" in 2012, when it was home to Brookhaven's city government.
The “Little White House” in 2012, when it was home to Brookhaven’s city government.

Brookhaven City Council on Aug. 25 voted to make the city greener and tastier, approving a tighter tree-protection ordinance and giving a thumbs-up to a restaurant in the “Little White House.”

The updated tree ordinance is more restrictive on homeowners and developers, though the council rejected an even tougher alternative version. Among the key changes: Developers now must maintain 120 inches—in diameter—of trees per acre or 45 percent of the site’s tree-canopy cover.

Councilman John Park said the tougher tree protections will “continue to make Brookhaven an oasis in the middle of a concrete Atlanta.”

Also on the council’s plate: approving a rezoning to allow a popular chef to open a new restaurant in the young city’s original home, the “Little White House” at 2536 Caldwell Road.

Dubbed Dixie Moon, the restaurant is the brainchild of Brookhaven chef Scott Serpas, who already runs the successful Serpas True Food in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. The council overcame parking worries to approve the reuse of small white house that Brookhaven city government first formed within in 2012. Serpas will preserve the house, but add a two-story brick addition.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. Kudos to the Brookhaven City Council for voting to further strengthen our city’s Tree Protection Ordinance. Councilman John Park’s desire to “continue to make Brookhaven an oasis in the middle of a concrete Atlanta” was well served by the Council’s action. Please remember that “ONE TREE IS NO TREE.” Tree canopy, not tree trunks, is what will make the difference in our future quality of life. Tree canopy should be the final criterion in deciding the effectiveness of our trees’ future.–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation

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