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Doesn’t matter if you’re starting a career or retired, education doesn’t have to end, the president of an adult education organization says.

William Berger has been the presidents of Perimeter Adult Learning & Services for more than five years, he said. He regularly attends what he calls an eclectic array of enrichment classes that have been offered on Mondays for 23 years.

“I don’t know why they say ’50 and over’ [on the website], but it’s basically an opportunity for continuing education,” Berger said.

Classes on estate planning, history, world issues and music offer adults new opportunities to learn the things they might have wanted to learn in the past, Berger said.

“It’s wonderful to sit in a class with someone who is an expert,” Berger said. “To learn something you might have wanted to learn in college but didn’t have an opportunity.”

Berger said recent classes have included a three-session class on moral philosophy and an upcoming course will be taught by a current fulltime professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, Seymour Goodman.

Berger said he found Goodman several months ago, at a Georgia Preservation Trust discussion.

“I found him to be quite engaging and I asked him to teach a course,” Berger said.

Goodman volunteered as do all the teachers at the learning center to teach about Georgia and the Civil War. The course starts in a few weeks, Berger said.

“You get a fulfillment of learning,” he said.

To register or see a list of upcoming classes starting Sept. 21, visit