Dunwoody added on Sept. 28 two more signature events to its list, making the total number of city-sponsored events six.
The first three events designated as signature events were Lemonade Days, the Dunwoody Art Festival and the Dunwoody Music Festival.

After adding Apple Cider Days as the city’s fourth signature event on Aug. 24, the City Council approved requests from both Boy Scout Troup 477 and the Dunwoody Homeowners Association to upgrade the Haunted Farm Tour and Light Up Dunwoody as signature events, too.

The council’s unanimous vote means the city will pay half the cost of hiring police for these annual events.

To be eligible for a signature event status in Dunwoody, the following criteria should be met (source Dunwoodyga.gov):
• Perceived ability for city involvement to significantly or substantially improve the event
• Frequency of the same or similar event(s) in or in close proximity to Dunwoody
• Impact on the surrounding businesses or residences
• Likelihood of participation in event by Dunwoody residents, organizations and businesses
• Ability for the park (or proposed area for the event) to remain open to users not participating in the event
• Likelihood for proposed type and level of event support to be managed within existing city resources
• Previous history of event producer in facilitating special events
• Perceived ability of event producer to achieve the goals for the event
• Potential conflicts with other approved or recurring events
• Impact of the event on the environment
• Impact and cost of the event on public health, welfare, and safety
• Impact and cost of the event on city departments and support services