By Isadora Pennington
Coffee, Java, Joe, Brew – it goes by many names, but no matter what you call it, we love to drink the stuff.
When I was a kid, I once took a sip out of an unassuming mug on my kitchen table thinking that it was a Coke. Unfortunately for me, it was cold, day-old coffee. I spit it out, coughing and gagging, and swore that I would never drink it willingly again. But then life happened, and college, and work, and hangovers, and now I’ve come to see it for what it is – a miracle in a cup.
It was when I was a full time student and also working full time that I really came to rely on coffee to help me pull all-nighters, write essays, and get me going on days where I’d rather just stay in bed. Coffee shops are also great spots to gather your thoughts, spend a quiet moment alone, or collaborate with others and network. This month I went on a little tour and photographed five of my favorite neighborhood cafes.
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 Park GroundsCubano – $2.49, Park Grounds, 142 Flat Shoals Ave SE, 30316

Chrome YellowCappucino – $4.00, Chrome Yellow Trading Co., 501 Edgewood Ave, 30312

HodgepodgeMacchiato – $2.75, Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, 720 Moreland Ave SE, 30316

Octane Grant ParkCortado – $3.75, Octane Coffee / Bar Grant Park, 437 Memorial Dr. SE, 30312

Henry & JuneOaxaca – $4.50, Henry & June, 784 N. Highland Ave NE, 30316


Isadora Pennington is a freelance writer and photographer based in Atlanta. She is the editor of Sketchbook by Rough Draft, a weekly Arts newsletter.