Brookhaven’s voters head to the polls Nov. 3 to choose a new mayor and a new District 1 representative on City Council.

The Brookhaven Reporter asked the candidates about their qualifications for office and their visions for the city’s future. Here are the answers from District 1 Councilwoman Linley Jones. Her opponent, Eve Erdogan, did not respond to repeated requests from the Brookhaven Reporter to review the questions.

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Linley Jones
Linley Jones

Linley Jones

Occupation: Trial lawyer

Elective offices held and previous elective or appointive offices held:  Currently serving on Brookhaven City Council, appointed June 2015.

Previous community work:  Spokesperson for Brookhaven Yes; leader of effort to stop Kroger gas station; Neighborhood Affairs Chair of Cambridge Park Civic Association; board member of Citizens for North DeKalb; supporter of Friends of Brookhaven and Friends of Blackburn Park; medallion member of Murphey Candler Park Conservancy; Murphey Candler Little League team mom.

Q: Why do you want to be elected to City Council?

A: The next four years are a critical time in Brookhaven.  I will work hard on City Council to make sure Brookhaven continues on a positive course providing great police services, road improvements, sidewalk installations and park upgrades.

Q: Why should the voters choose you?

A: I have lived in Brookhaven for over 22 years and I am personally invested in our community.  I will stand up for the interests of the citizens in the decisions of City Council.  Although I have only been on City Council since June, my track record already proves this.  I have voted for positive development supported by neighbors, against harmful redevelopment opposed by neighbors, in favor of greater tree protection, and in favor of parks and green space.

Q:  What do you see as the most significant issue facing the city right now? How do you plan to address that issue?

A: Our most significant issue is growth.  The Atlanta Regional Commission predicts significant continuing growth in the Atlanta area in the next four years.  We must protect the quality of life for our citizens and address this growth in accordance with Brookhaven’s Comprehensive Plan.  This means making each decision with an eye toward our future goals, while studying and implementing creative solutions to specific problems, for example, the upcoming traffic study of the Ashford-Dunwoody Road corridor.

Q: What does “transparency” in Brookhaven’s government mean to you?

A: The confidence of the citizens is paramount to the success of our city.  We must go above and beyond the requirements of Georgia transparency law by complying with our own Sunshine Resolution, which I supported and voted for.  I have spent my 23-year-long career as a legal malpractice lawyer enforcing ethical rules, and I bring this experience and mindset to City Council.

Q: What’s one thing about Brookhaven you think should be changed?

A: We must continue to repair the damage done to our parks, roads, storm water systems and sidewalks by years of DeKalb County’s neglect.

Q: What is your vision of Brookhaven in 10 years?

A: In 10 years, I envision Brookhaven will continue to be metro Atlanta’s most desirable area to live—a safe, vibrant, thriving, walkable city!

Joe Earle is Editor-at-Large. He has more than 30-years of experience with daily newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. I actually know why Mrs Erdogan didn’t respond to your inquiries. Reporter Newspapers misquoted her statements when she first announced her candidacy. Very critical statements were put as if Eve Erdogan was supporting Linley Jones somehow, which made no sense, and a correction had to be published later on. She decided that not making statements to you were easier than asking you to make corrections after the damage was done again. I hope this clears your wonders…

    1. Hi, Ms. Lee!! Actually that kind of action only increases my concern about Ms. Erdogan. Whatever a candidate may be like before an election, that candidate will be more so after the election. Let’s see what happens at the debate tonight.–Tom Reilly

      1. Tom, we know you are a die-hard Linley fan regardless of what Eve may or may not do. I wish you were not brained washed to consider just the selective facts in your supporting statements. Eve Erdogan couldn’t join the forum, because this event took place on the day of her return flight from China. I wish she could, and maybe you would know better then.

  2. We might also mention that Linley just served a term as President of the Georgia Association of Trial Lawyers. This is a further recognition of her abilities in her field, and of her devotion to public service.–Tom Reilly

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