Max Harris, a senior at the Weber School.
Max Harris, a senior at the Weber School.

Max Harris defines success as achieving the high goals he sets for himself.

“I constantly question what I would like to be, and that thought alone motivates me. What kind of person I want to be guides me to what I want to be in life and what my values are,” Max said.

He wants to be engaged with the world.

“Grades are not important,” Max said. “What is important is having integrity and contentment with myself. I did my best and I tried my hardest. I am fine with an 85 or 95 as a grade, as long as I know I strived and put in my greatest effort.”

Max juggles participation in a variety of clubs with class work. He is the president of his school’s student council, a student ambassador and takes part in a variety of different school clubs.

He established the Investment Club, where members discuss managing money.  In addition, Max has made many improvements in his youth group, as one of the board members.

Michelle Brown, academic dean and English teacher at the Weber School, says Max shows passion and dedication toward understanding new things.

“I believe Max has a genuine and authentic character,” she said. “He has a passion and dedication to learning and comprehending new ideas and teachings.

“He is a student who excels beyond expectations, yet still maintains a low profile, never gloating over his many and varied accomplishments. He is a much sought-after partner, as he is intelligent, fun and kind. Although possessing a great love for language, history, government, science and mathematics, he is simply passionate about learning for the sake of learning.”

Weber Hebrew Department Chair, Ariella Livnat, described Max as “very involved in and committed to Weber School and its students, as well as human rights worldwide, in addition to being a true learner for the sake of knowledge.”

Max says he draws inspiration from the story of Elon Musk, who immigrated to Canada from South Africa with nothing in his pocket, and has gone on to found businesses such as Tesla Motors to SpaceX.

Max says Musk’s success shows the value of perseverance.

“I want to make a difference in society,” Max said, “uphold responsibility, solve problems and be an active and influential citizen. All of this ties back into my moral ethics.”

What’s Next:

Max is interested in pursuing a liberal arts education.
He plans to apply to small colleges such as Pomona College, Bowdoin College, Davidson College, the University of Richmond and also the University of Georgia.

The article was prepared by Amia Le, a student at Dunwoody High School.