The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

8100 block of Colquitt Road – Cops were called to an apartment complex on March 8, just before 11 p.m., on a robbery call. They found a man who had been injured and was bleeding from his head. The man said he was trying to unlock his door to his apartment when he was approached by a young gun-toting male demanding the keys to his car. The victim refused and was hit in the head by the suspect’s gun. The suspect then fled.

A witness said he saw a young male running from that location toward Northridge Road. The officer notified the other cars near the area of the attacker’s description. Officers located a suspect at Northridge and Dunwoody Place. After a brief chase on foot, he was captured. He was charged with aggravated assault, robbery, obstruction and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. The victim was treated at North Fulton Hospital for a laceration to the back of his head.

6000 block of Riverside Drive – Someone forced entry into a home under renovation and took a microwave. This occurred sometime between March 5 and March 6.

1400 block of Summit Springs Drive – On March 6, a resident said that during the night someone entered her home while she was sleeping and took her bedroom dresser TV. She suspects her ex-boyfriend.

Unoccupied homes in the 200 block of Mount Vernon Highway were burglarized between March 7 and March 8. A Viking refrigerator was taken.

100 block of Landsdowne Drive – On March 8, a resident said sometime during the day someone entered his home and took his iPhone charger and $75 in gift cards given to him. He said that someone had come into the home on several occasions and he suspects his nephew.

5500 block of New Northside Drive – On March 4, police were called to the location just after 2 a.m. and spoke to a man who said he was at a gas station. He left his car running but locked it while he was in the store. He then saw a man attempting to pry the door open. The suspect aborted the attempt and fled toward I-285 in a newer model Chevy Camaro.

1100 block of Perimeter Center West – On March 5, a construction project manager reported that he was informed by employees that other employees have been committing thefts over the past couple of months, primarily stealing electrical equipment amounting to $15,000.

A man on Claridge Drive said that on March 5 he met a woman at a bar and restaurant at Phipps Plaza and they returned to his home to drop his car off and then take an Uber to a club. He came home and had a beer. The next thing that he remembers is that he awoke the following day on his couch. His watch, bracelet, house keys and keys to his car were missing. The car was not taken. He said the woman had an indented tooth, a tattoo on her back, and called herself “Olivia.” He said the staff at the bar knew her as “Alex.” He believes he was drugged.

1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway – On March 6, a 45-year-old man reported that during his workout at a gym, someone removed a combination lock and took his backpack that contained several items.

6600 block of Roswell Road – On March 6, a 55-year-old woman reported that after shopping at a grocery store, she loaded her items into the car and then returned the cart to the cart-return area. She returned to her car only to find her purse was gone.

6100 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road – On March 7, a hotel employee said someone took her backpack from behind the front desk of the hotel. Missing are personal items and $1,200 cash.

5400 block of Meridian Mark Road – On March 7, an employee said she left her purse and laptop on her office desk and went to a meeting. Upon return, the items were gone. Later someone used her credit card at the nearby Medical station MARTA stop nine times totaling $97.

A woman reported that she and her boyfriend were at a hotel on Hammond Drive when he snatched her phone and began looking at her contacts, then refused to return it. They fought over it but he then left with the phone.

On March 8, at a discount department store in the 5500 block of Roswell Road, a man took several items and paid for some, but not all. Two items he didn’t pay for were an Apple Air Port valued at $199 and a $429 breast pump.

On March 10 on Adair Lane, a 25-year- old woman said she placed her clothes in the laundry room of her apartment complex. She returned 30 minutes later and found that all of her underwear was gone. She said this happened once before. She noticed a man sitting in a Chevy Impala in the parking lot during that time. The victim’s friend said she also had underwear stolen from that room before. She said the same car was there prior to her theft as well.

A 50-year-old man reported that he owns a home in Marietta that he leases. He notified the tenant that the lease was up and emailed him if he wanted to renew. The man said he did initially, but did not contact the owner afterward. The owner assumed he did not want to renew. The owner went about the business of showing the home to new prospects, angering the current resident who has now made threats to shoot anyone coming over—specifically with a scoped rifle.

An officer was called to meet with a woman who said that her 12-year-old daughter was being disrespectful to her and had been missing school. She confronted her daughter, who in turn said she would have her friend kill her mother, if she wished.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.