Update: Candidate Suzi Voyles has filed an amended report, whose numbers are included in the story below.

The five candidates for the Sandy Springs City Council District 3 seat have a combined total over $49,000 in contributions, according to campaign finance reports filed with the city.

The biggest fundraisers and spenders were Joe Houseman ($18,300 raised, over $9,900 spent) and Chris Burnett ($16,200 raised, over $9,800 spent).

Burnett and Houseman also were the only candidates with a long list of individual contributors who gave more than $100. Burnett had nearly 20 contributors, including bankers, property managers and accountants, but personal loans made up much of his total. Houseman had dozens of local contributors, but some were listed multiple times and he is listed among his own contributors.

Brian Eufinger raised over $5,000, mostly as a self-loan and the rest as small contributions that are not required to be itemized.

Larry Young’s campaign of $5,050 was entirely self-funded and he reported running more than $1,600 in the red.

Suzi Voyles’s first campaign finance report had total contribution and expense numbers that did not add up. She later filed an amended report showing $5,440 in total contributions and $3,675 in total expenses. The bulk of her funds came from a personal loan from Voyles and contributions from two Marietta residents.

Voyles said in an email that the original report’s errors were due to mistakenly submitting a worksheet rather than the final report. In a note on the amended report filed with the city, Voyles wrote, “I did not have sufficient assistance in the initial report regarding terms.”

A five-way race could result in a run-off election, making cash on-hand an asset past the May 24 special election date. The candidates reported net campaign funds, in order and rounded off, were: Houseman, $8,464; Burnett, $6,416; Voyles, $1,765; Eufinger, $1,725; Young, a $1,642 deficit.

The candidates also recently filed personal financial disclosures.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.