The following represents some, but not all, of the reports made to Sandy Springs police from June 18 to June 28.

The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


8600 block of Roswell Road – On June 18, just after 1 a.m., a robbery was called in. The victim had been to a local bar and then walked to his car and got in. A woman came up to him on the driver’s side and asked for a dollar. The man reached into his pocket to retrieve one when a male reached in and took his wallet. The two suspects fled to a dark SUV and drove south on Roswell Road.

1100 block of Hammond Drive – On June 20, a woman reported that a man stole two phones from her and she chased him across the lot to a pharmacy on Hammond. She later admitted she knew and was staying with the suspect at the nearby extended stay hotel. She reluctantly gave the officer the man’s information.

An 18-year old man said he posted a Rolex for sale on the site and was contacted by a man who said his name was Jackson and wanted to buy it. The man said that they could meet at the Sandy Springs Middle School around 9 p.m. As he waited in his car, a white Jeep entered and stopped. Three males exited, one holding what appeared to be a rifle. They pointed the gun at him, causing the victim to hit the gas and speed off. Nothing was taken.

Steve, please explain the obvious: 9 p.m. in a closed school parking lot? No way, dude. Insist on a public place like a coffee house, police station, or gun store. Common sense prevails. This kid was lucky.


100 block of Northwood Drive – On June 22, there was a 4 a.m. burglary reported at a restaurant. The owner arrived and saw a male leaving the area. He found that a rock had been thrown through the glass. The man was confronted but fled. Missing was $400. A store next door was also hit in the same way. The owner has not determined that anything was taken.

4600 block of Roswell Road – On June 22, someone forced their way into a public storage unit and $80 in cash was taken.

8500 block of Roswell Road – On June 22, video footage shows a 4 a.m. burglary in a liquor store where three bottles of vodka were taken. The suspect threw a rock through the window and was wearing a “Scream” mask, black short sleeve shirt, jeans and red shoes.

700 block of Willow Creek Drive – On June 24, a resident said her apartment was entered and some electronics were taken. There was damage to the front door indicating forced entry.

500 block of Northridge Road – On June 25, between 7 and 7:30 p.m., a resident said he and his wife left their apartment to walk down to the pond. On return, they saw two males standing near the apartment. The wife saw one of the men carrying a white cardboard box that she recognized as hers. When they arrived at the apartment, they saw forced entry to the door. Missing items include cash and jewelry.

6800 block of Glenridge Drive – On June 25, a resident was grilling out at about 7:50 p.m. He returned to the inside part of the home and heard someone in the home. He assumed it was a family member and left to go outside. Later, around 8:30 p.m., he returned and found dressers moved in his kid’s room. Behind them were two window screens removed. Missing is a purse. A neighbor reported that someone was in her house also, near the same time. There were several more burglaries discovered in this complex.

6900 block of Roswell Road – On June 26, about 8 p.m., a man said that he heard a noise inside his residence coming from downstairs. He thought it was his dog, but when he checked on the noise, he found a window and door open. He said he briefly saw a male fleeing the area. A second burglary was reported in the 6980 block, believed to be the same suspect as 6900.

Fieldsborn Court – On June 27, about 7:30 p.m., a man reported that about 7:30 p.m. he saw a male walking through his back yard, then jumping a fence. He checked his basement area and found that the door and window were open and the window screen removed. Nothing was taken.


A man on Ridgemont Drive reported on June 18 that his ex-wife stole several garden items including a frog and an angel.

1100 block of Perimeter Center – On June 18, a woman reported someone stole her Galaxy Phone 4 from the jewelry counter at Goodwill.

6100 block of Bluestone Road – On June 19, a 21-year old woman reported her cellphone was stolen while she attended a wedding event. The locater app showed the phone on Kingsport Drive.

A 36-year old man reported that he was staying at the Westin Hotel on June 19. He went to a club in Marietta and met a woman known as Keshia. They returned to the hotel around 4 a.m. He woke just after noon and she was gone, along with his 2009 Mercedes E-350 (North Carolina tag) and $500 in cash.

7700 block of Roswell Road – On June 20, a 34-year old woman said her wallet was stolen while she was in the Fulton County Government Center.

1000 block Greyfield Lane – On June 20, a 39-year old man said his friend had been staying with him and had stolen a bag that contained a laptop, camera, checkbook and other items. He said the suspect, known as Mr. Anderson, had stayed with him before and had done this before.

7000 block of Roswell Road — The owner of a restaurant said an employee used gift cards to pay for customer purchases, then pocketed the money from the customer for himself. There were multiple transactions over time.

On June 22 on Allen Road, a woman said her neighbor stole her medication. The neighbor said this is ongoing because she is crazy. The woman has had several 911 complaints in the last few months.

5800 block of Glenridge Drive – On June 22, a man said he interviewed a man from a temp agency who was later left alone in the office. The man said he later discovered his laptop gone.

7700 block of Spalding Drive — The staff of a wine and liquor store said a customer alerted them that a woman put a bottle of Baileys in her purse, then left.

1100 block of Mount. Vernon Highway – On June 25, a 70-year old woman reported that she was approached by a man who asked her about a piece of furniture. She said the man was nice but the conversation was way too long. She later found that her wallet was missing from her purse. She said she keeps the purse closed but after the man left, found it open.

A 17-year old girl said her parents went out of town and as such, she decided to invite 10 friends over for a pool party. As we all know, invite 10, 60 will show up, which is what happened. Things were later found to have been stolen.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.