Rap star Killer Mike with the tunnel boring machine "Driller Mike."
Rap star Killer Mike with the tunnel-boring machine “Driller Mike.” (Courtesy Atlanta Department of Watershed Management)

“Driller Mike” is the winning name for the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management’s new tunnel-boring machine, the city announced today. The name is a tribute to Atlanta hip hop artist and activist Killer Mike. It beat out “Peach Beast” and “Scarlett” in a public vote.

“Driller Mike” will construct a five-mile tunnel connecting the former Bellwood Quarry, the Chattahoochee River and the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant to fill the quarry with a 30-day drinking water supply for Atlanta residents.

The Water Supply Program is a $300 million investment to address the City’s aging infrastructure, while increasing Atlanta’s water reserve from three days to 30.

“I use my voice to advocate for those who feel voiceless,” said Killer Mike during today’s event. “Water supply is an important issue for everyone in Atlanta and this is my opportunity to educate people on critical water issues facing our city, our region and our nation. I am grateful that my name can be a part of this lasting legacy for the City of Atlanta.”

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