The first online survey for the new Buckhead business district master plan has launched, asking residents what they think about the proposed park capping Ga. 400.

The survey will remain open on the website of the master plan, known as “BUCKHEAD REdeFINED,” through Nov. 9. It is available at

An illustration of the park's "Garden" area. (Rogers Partners)
An illustration of the park’s “Garden” area. (Rogers Partners)

The organizations involved in the master plan also released an overview of community input from the Oct. 17 kickoff meeting. At that meeting, residents were asked to give input on the area’s “placemaking” and “connectivity.” According to a press release, the broad consensus in the input at that meeting included:

  • “Finding ways to activate the community with additional amenities, outdoor attractions, and places for people to gather. Workshop participants offered suggestions including bike rental stations, art installations, and areas for live music and gathering.”
  • “Encouraging balanced and multi-modal transportation, with a particular emphasis on improving pedestrian/bicycle routes and connections. Community input included suggestions for separate walking and biking lanes on trails, additional turn lanes and safety improvements, and separation between bikes and traffic.”
  • “Making Buckhead’s streets, transit stations and open spaces safe and inviting for residents, workers, and visitors. Participants’ ideas in this area included small parks within walking distance, water features and other aesthetic enhancements such as flowers, planters, trees and benches.”

“The input we received at the workshop has given us a really solid place to start this process,” said Denise Starling, executive director of Livable Buckhead and the master plan’s project lead, in a press release. “The workshop participants gave us a great sense of what the people who live and work in Buckhead want, and our team is anxious to get to work on a plan to accomplish that vision.”

The six-month master plan effort is focused on guidelines for improving the area’s public spaces and transportation network. The plan is also taking over and including the already existing processes for the park over 400 concept and a plan to improve the Lenox Road streetscape.

The master plan effort is coordinated by Livable Buckhead, the Buckhead Community Improvement District, the Buckhead Business Association, the Buckhead Coalition and the Rotary Club of Buckhead, along with a large steering committee of residents and community organizations. For more information, see

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.