From police reports dated Oct. 2 through Oct. 15

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

2500 block of Piedmont Road. On Oct. 4, a robbery arrest was made.

700 block of Morosgo Drive. On Oct. 7, victim said she was driving around with two males she knows, but not by name. She said that they got into a verbal disagreement about whether to go home or go out to a bar. One of the males demanded a ride home and she refused. The male then kicked her in the face. The males also stole her iPhone and $320. Males then fled the location.

700 block of Morosgo Drive. On Oct. 8, victim said he was in the parking lot when a male suspect approached him. The suspect put a gun to his head and demanded that he not move or he would kill them. The suspects then took all their possessions: cash, cellphones, pink wallet, bag, jewelry and miscellaneous other items. The suspects then fled the scene.

1900 block of Monroe Drive. On Oct. 9, a male suspect robbed a victim at gunpoint. The suspect took his iPhone and watch and then fled the scene. Surveillance cameras of the incident were captured.

1100 block of Spring Valley Lane. On Oct. 9, a victim was performing work at a home. He said a male suspect entered the location. The suspect put a gun to the victim’s face and demanded he surrender his money. The suspect took $60 and fled.

300 block of Garden Lane. On Oct. 11, a victim was exiting her vehicle when she was struck in the back of the head and fell to the ground. She rolled over and a male suspect sat on her. The male began banging her head into the concrete and tried to take her bag. She continued to kick and scream until the neighbors came out of the residence. Crime scene responded to the scene and processed for evidence as well as photographed the victim’s injuries. The suspect threw up as a result of the struggle and the fluid was collected as evidence, then submitted for DNA analysis.

70 W. Paces Ferry Rd. On the morning of Oct. 22, the victim left work at Chop’s and was getting into his vehicle. Male suspects approached him and asked if he could give them a ride to Lenox Mall. Victim advised that he could not. The suspects then pointed a pistol at the victim and he fled the scene. A witness observed the incident and surveillance cameras were observed in the area. The victim’s car was stolen and was later recovered, abandoned.

1801 Howell Mill Rd. On Oct. 19, a male suspect entered GameStop wearing a hoodie with a scarf pulled over his face. The suspect then pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at him and demanded that the patrons and employees lie on the floor. The suspect then threw a plastic bag on the counter and told the victim to begin putting the money inside it. The suspect told the victim he had 20 seconds to open the drawer or he would be shot. Suspect took the money from the cash drawer and then fled.

2100 block of Peachtree Rd. On Oct. 20, four young male suspects approached the victim as she was attempting to exit her vehicle. They pointed the gun at her and then stole her vehicle. Vehicle was later recovered from the scene of a separate carjacking abandoned.

2400 block of Cheshire Bridge Rd. On Oct. 18, the victim was in the parking deck when a male suspect approached him. He advised the male pointed a gun at him and then stole the vehicle. The vehicle was later recovered, abandoned.

1900 block of Monroe Dr. On Oct. 22, a victim was at her vehicle on the third floor of the parking deck when three males approached her, presented a gun to her chest, and stole her vehicle. The vehicle was later recovered abandoned. Surveillance footage of the incident may have been captured.

Aggravated Assault
1300 block of Marietta Blvd. On Oct. 2, victim advised that male suspects were casing his car. He said he ran out of the location with a gun and presented it to the suspects. Surveillance footage shows gunfire coming from the suspect’s vehicle. The victim retreated to safety and the suspects fled the scene. Shell casings were recovered and turned in as evidence.

1700 block of Howell Mill Road. On Oct. 4, aggravated assault arrest made at Ace Hardware.

700 block of Sidney March Blvd. On Oct. 5, victim called 911 to tell he was going to be attacked. He was then jumped by 12 males. All suspects escaped. Two witnesses were on scene. Victim received a laceration to his face. Possible surveillance footage on scene.

200 block of Pharr Road. On Oct. 10, aggravated assault report made.

2400 block of Lowe St. On Oct. 19, victim reported that her male friend became angry with her over a phone dispute. He returned to her residence after leaving angry and pointed a gun at her stating, “You made me feel disrespected on the phone.”

3100 block of Peachtree Rd. On Oct. 16, victim had been bar-hopping when he heard several gunshots and continued to bar-hop. Later he observed he had a pain to his left foot. After checking it he observed he had been shot. Another victim saw he had been shot in the arm. Victims did not see where or why there were gunshots.

3100 block of Peachtree Rd. On Oct. 20, while going to the bathroom, a woman was jumped by three females. The victim said that this was not the first time he had been attacked by them. Victim sustained visible bruising to her face.

Residential Burglary
2300 block of Paul Ave. On Oct. 5, a home was burglarized when a door was left unlocked. TV and Apple laptop were stolen.

2600 block of Church St. On Oct. 8, a rock was thrown through a rear window and a 42-inch TV was stolen from the home.

6200 block of Ivy Chase Way. On Oct. 7, victim reported her corporate phone had gone missing from her residence. Tracking showed the phone in the area of Sarah Smith Elementary School. The door to the location was frequently left unlocked while the victim walks her dog.

300 block of Valley Green Drive. On Oct. 7, the door leading from the garage to the house was reported as damaged. Victim did not notice any items missing upon first glance.

4500 block of E. Conway Drive. On Oct. 11, garage window damaged and 42-inch range and a microwave stolen from the location.

2200 block of Mount Paran Road. On Oct. 12, a suspect kicked the door to garage to gain entry. Infinity diamond necklace, assorted jewelry, 12-person silver serving set, and 10-person large silver serving set stolen from the location, worth more than $50,000.

4700 block of Tall Pines Drive. On Oct. 12, victim reported damage to garage door leading to the interior of the location. Laptop, wooden drawer and silver stolen from the location. Victim observed suspect with ski masks and a vehicle fleeing the driveway upon arrival.

2100 block of McKinley Road. Gas range stove stolen from home under construction. No forced entry.

3900 block of Peachtree Park Drive. On Oct. 15, alarm activated at the location. No forced entry observed at the location. However, MacBook Air was discovered missing from the house.

1400 block of Peachtree Park Drive. On Oct. 15, MacBook Pro, two chargers, Wacom tablet, cameras, ID, black bag and MacBook Air stolen from an apartment.

100 block of Smith St. On Oct. 22, entry made through window. Samsung TV, Dell laptop, Schwinn bike, and Samsung Galaxy cellphone were stolen from the home.

2600 block of Oakdale St. On Oct. 19, a TV, lawn mower and pressure washer stolen from a home under construction. Site was unlocked.

900 block of Canterbury Rd. On Oct. 22, Samsung TV stolen from the apartment while the victim was moving from the location. No forced entry.

500 block of Main St. On Oct. 17, a burglary arrest was made.

400 block of Armour Dr. On Oct. 18, four pairs of designer shoes stolen from an apartment.

1800 block of Windemere Dr. At an unknown time, suspects forced open a kitchen window to a home and stole a television, gas stove, end table, microwave and wine cooler.

Commercial Burglary
49 Bennett St. On Oct. 6, at Body Central Pilates Studio, victim said money was missing from her apartment.

2451 Peachtree Road. On Oct. 7, the rear door glass was shattered to gain entry at Design Within Reach. Alarm activated at the location. Four Apple laptops stolen from the office. Tracking available to the computers.

1370 N. Highland Ave. On Oct. 4, door pried at Cleaners Pro. No items taken. Surveillance cameras on scene. Suspicious abandoned vehicle left near the location for several hours.

3280 Howell Mill Road. Front door to location opened. Nikon Oral camera stolen from the desk at Charles Arp.

35A W. Paces Ferry Rd. On Oct. 10, surveillance footage showed a vehicle back through the front window of the North Face. Suspects with hoods then began loading the vehicle with multiple bundles of jackets and clothing from the store. A copy of the footage was collected as evidence.

1370 N. Highland Ave. On Oct. 11, rear entry door forced. Victim forgot to set the alarm. Change stolen from the change tray of the cash register. Surveillance footage observed in the area of the incident.

1387 Northside Drive. On Oct. 14, front door glass shattered at Public Storage to gain entry. Undetermined if anything was taken. Cash register was observed on the ground.

1244 Collier Rd. On Oct. 20, the front door glass of USA Self Storage was smashed with a rock to gain entry. Nothing was taken.

4340 Roswell Rd. On Oct. 21, surveillance footage shows six male suspects entering Verizon Wireless through the rear door. The lock was cracked and the metal door was cut from the hinges. An undetermined quantity of cellphones was stolen from the business.

2451 Peachtree Rd. On Oct. 19, rear door of Design Within Reach forced open and four all-in-one desktop computers were stolen.

3003 Piedmont Rd. On Oct. 22, cash and an iPad were stolen from Studio 305. No forced entry; window left open.

2441 Cheshire Bridge Rd. At an unknown time, 20 vehicles at Gerber Collision Center were damaged and several sets of keys were stolen. Forced entry noted at location.

Between Oct. 2 and Oct. 9 there were 71 larcenies from vehicles reported and 32 reported cases of larceny and shoplifting.

Between Oct. 10 and Oct. 15 there were 54 larcenies from vehicles reported and 33 reported cases of larceny and shoplifting.

Between Oct. 16 and Oct. 22 there were 58 larcenies from vehicles reported and 34 reported cases of larceny and shoplifting.

Auto Theft
There were 25 reports of auto theft between Oct. 2 and Oct. 9, and 18 between Oct. 10 and Oct. 15.

There were 15 reports of auto theft between Oct. 16 and Oct. 22.