Fulton County voters narrowly approved a 0.75 sales tax increase to fund transportation projects, including a list of nine plans and programs in Sandy Springs.

The ballot question had 52.8 percent of voters saying “yes,” according to unofficial county election results.

The Fulton sales tax will increase to 7.75 percent under the question, raising an estimated maximum of $119 million for Sandy Springs. The city proposes using the funds to speed along projects ranging from traffic-signal timing to studying a controversial widening of Hammond Drive to planning for possible alternative mass transit in Perimeter Center. Other Fulton cities and unincorporated areas will receive funds, too.

“We took a regional issue, traffic congestion, and worked collaboratively on a strategy to create change,” said Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul in a written statement. “Each community benefits through the local projects, and as a collective region, we all benefit. The process, and the outcome, has been a very positive experience.”

The sales tax increase does not apply to the part of Fulton within the city of Atlanta, which has its own, separate TSPLOST question this year.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

5 replies on “Update: Voters approve Fulton County TSPLOST; will fund Sandy Springs projects”

  1. Guess the private park for those Windward Parkway residents goes ahead. Shame really. Now, Sandy Springs Private Company, buy the corner or Long Island and Tara Trl and turn it into a park for locals only before a developer puts up 5 acres of infill housing for those in the upper income bracket further congesting our streets. Our city needs another park for local residents only at the expense of everyone. Oh the hypocrisy of those who hate government but want the masses to pay for their own private park. #leavingSandySprings

  2. Thanks for accepting the will of the people, Alexander. We’d like to pay for needed infrastructure and partially offset the expenses we incur by currently having inadequate transportation in place.

    I guess if you think this is a scam with lobbyists, sure- but, feel free to park your car alongside the side of the road when these projects are completed to help remember the good ole days of worse congestion.

    1. won’t be parking in Sandy Springs because I don’t shop there anymore because of the congestion. A peak at Abernathy doesn’t suggest the congestion will improve along with the 400/285 redo and the braves and whatever the lobbyists have cooked up with the Mayor . Good ole days…??? Sheesh

  3. Brett,

    Imagine if all the corporate relocation had no tax break which is why states the nation over are all unable to support themselves. Continue reducing taxes and giving public companies tax immunity and we’ll get more taxes to the masses and toll roads run by private companies.

    It’s too late for real public transportation in the Atlanta/Suburbs unless we’re talking tunnels for subways.

    Why are we spending money for a Private Park at Windsor Parkway because the residents there are afraid of the trouble outsiders could bring? Really? Is every neighborhood getting a private park?

    I assume you voted for this to be a City? Then found out we where selling it to a private company because those who created didn’t really want to have to give up the day job and run it. Do you remember ever hearing that we where voting for massive overdevelopment? Squeezing townhouses in between business up and down Roswell Rd.? Did we vote to totally change Sandy Springs in to an enclave for the wealthy?

    No one has heard which local roads are going to be redone to ward off the congestion. Mt. Paran is a parking lot, thank you 46 Private Schools. Wieuca needs at least 4 lanes not raging residents at the speed. Speaking of speed why is Roswell Rd. the same speed limit as Long Island or Powers Ferry. Oh, right, widen Powers Ferry. Widen Hammond. You can’t continue building without widening as there are really no way for SS residents or East Cobb to get to there job and where near Perimeter or Lennox without using the too small side roads.

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