New renderings of the renovations planned for Colony Square in Midtown.

The Midtown Development Review Committee (DRC) got a look at new renderings and plans for the renovations to Colony Square by North American Properties at its Jan. 10 meeting.

According to a recap from the Midtown Alliance, the proposed renovations to the existing mixed-use development at 1197 Peachtree Street will be executed in multiple phases. Major components of the project include installation of new two-story store fronts at the existing 100 and 400 office towers, removal of the existing mall roof and reconstruction of the retail experience, and a proposed new building at the northern portion of the site as the last phase.

The reconfigured site plan proposes the removal of the Peachtree drop-off lane, enhanced pedestrian access into the interior retail area, on-street parking, and vehicular access improvements at the existing driveways. The DRC recommended conditional approval for this project and requested additional information on components such as retail design, a right-of-way swap with City of Atlanta, and the feasibility of proposed traffic calming solutions as the project moves forward.

The DRC also heard from Selig Enterprises, which made a follow-up presentation on their 1105 West Peachtree project after first presenting plans for the full-block mixed-use concept in December. Since last month’s review, the applicant has identified solutions to more effectively screen the parking structure and to simplify and clarify the overall building design. At the request of the committee, the applicant explored alternatives for consolidating loading and service functions along 13th Street. In doing so, the applicant was able to create more active use space, improve sidewalk conditions and pedestrian safety, and strengthen the opportunity to provide significant artistic expression at the corner of Peachtree Walk and 13th Street. With these revisions made to the initial proposal, the committee recommended support for the project.

The DRC also heard about the planned renovation of 1280 West Peachtree Street, which has been chosen as Interface’s new corporate headquarters. Exterior modifications include: removal of a 1980’s finish to expose much of the original 1960’s brick office building; a recessed first floor at the street level to provide a covered entry into the lobby and to better accommodate pedestrians and visitors arriving by transit; and a new full-height veil of glass with white forest graphic wrapping the West Peachtree and 16th Street facades. All of the building’s systems will be upgraded, including new HVAC and lighting systems that will help reduce the building’s total energy use to almost 50 percent of typical office buildings and a cistern for collecting, storing and treating rainwater that will eliminate the need for municipal water for restroom fixtures and irrigation. The committee was fully supportive of the project

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