The invite-only Buckhead Coalition has chosen three members to fill open seats. The new members include W. Harrison Coleman, Jr., a partner at the law firm Coleman Talley, Tony Conway, CEO of event planning company Legendary Events, and David Coxon, president and CEO of Georgia Primary Bank.

The group has a limit of 100 members who contribute to Buckhead’s economy. Each member pays $9,000 in yearly dues.

The majority of members renew each year and the three nonrenewals represent the lowest amount in the coalition’s 29-year history, according to a press release. Coalition President Sam Massell, a former Atlanta mayor, told members “there is no better way to show approval of our agenda than with your regular renewal year after year,” according to the release.

The nonprofit civic association’s official mission is to “nurture the quality of life and help coordinate an orderly growth”. They also work to promote Buckhead and operate the Better Community Political Action Committee.