Both Rev. Dr. David Jones, senior pastor at Decatur First United Methodist Church, and Dr. Dock Hollingsworth, senior pastor at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist, say they have seen that in their own lives as well as the lives of members of their congregations.

Dr. Dock Hollingsworth, Senior Pastor Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
Photos by Phil Mosier

“There are fewer things that are important than we thought when we were younger,” Jones said. “When we talk about the ‘wisdom of the elders,’ that’s what we talk about….If I had to pick one subject, I’d say: relationships – relationships with God, relationships with family and with those around you, whether close or far away.”

Hollingsworth says he’s learned to worry less about what he believes about every small matter that comes up and more about really important things.

“I think I believe fewer things a lot more tenaciously,” Hollingsworth said.

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