The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and the information is presumed to be accurate.  The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from April 7 through April 19.

Capt. Steve Rose


8700 block of Roswell Road — On April 11, a 38-year-old man said he and his wife were meeting a man known as “Trayvon” from, an online buying-and-selling website. They intended to sell an iPhone. During the exchange, the suspect tried to take the phone by force. The man fought back, but was hit by the suspect, who was wearing brass knuckles. Another suspect accompanied the first, and both fled toward apartments behind the location.

4000 block of Highgrove Pointe Road — On April 14, a landscaping employee reported he was robbed at gunpoint, just after 9 a.m., by a man who took a leaf blower, then fled in a red four-door Dodge driven by another man.


5700 block of Lake Forrest Drive — On April 7, the complainant said his unlocked office was entered sometime overnight. A checkbook, debit card and Walmart gift card are missing.

1300 block of Summit Springs Drive — On April 10, the resident said between 6 p.m. the day before and 1 a.m., someone accessed his apartment by forcing a window. Two Samsung 55- and 60-inch TV’s, shoes, PS4, Xbox One, $2,500 in jewelry and $300 cash were missing. Also taken were two designer baseball caps and two designer belts.

8725 Roswell Road — On April 11, following a 3 a.m. alarm call at a cellphone store, the alarm company said the phone product was wired with GPS and showing it at Ga. 400 and Spalding Drive. The officer located a Jeep near this location and followed it.

The Jeep suddenly picked up speed and exited onto the MARTA ramp, where it lost control and hit the guardrail. Three men got out and ran, and then jumped a fence into the Peachtree-Dunwoody Road area. Inside the Jeep, several iPhone boxes were located. Items in the Jeep were taken as evidence and the Jeep impounded.

7000 Roswell Road — On April 11, a resident said sometime between Friday and Tuesday, someone entered his apartment by forcing the door. Several electronics were taken.

8725 Roswell Road —On April 15, health supplement store employees reported that someone used a wire to “fish” a bank bag from a drop box located on the store safe. $216 is missing.

8725 Roswell Road — On April 15, a Chinese restaurant reported that someone forced a rear door and took $350 from a cash register.

5000 block of Winterthur Drive — On April 16, someone took two Trek Road bicycles from the garage.

500 block of Northridge Road — Between April 13 and April 16, someone forced entry to the home by forcing the front door and took a TV and PS4 game system.


3200 block of River Exchange Drive — On April 7, company representative said someone took an office phone and HP computer and screen, from the office. A suspect is a former employee who left over low pay. The company representative called the person, who allegedly said she was not welcomed to retrieve the items and they should “take it as a loss.” The case was forwarded to detectives.

6690 Roswell Road — On April 11, the 40-year-old victim said he placed his personal items in the locker at a gym and secured it with a combination lock. It was compromised and his wallet and other personal items were stolen.

On April 7, an 85-year-old man reported that he was at a secondhand store on Roswell Road at Abernathy Road when he was “bumped” by three men. They turned and walked away. He then realized his wallet was gone.

4300 block of Spring Creek Drive — On April 9, a 59-year-old man said someone took his Lenovo laptop from his dining room table sometime between April 8 and April 9.  He had just obtained a new roommate from by the name of Paul. They had already discussed issues regarding money and he suspects the roomie of stealing the computer.

990 Hammond Drive — On April 11, an employee reported a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali stolen from the parking garage of the business. The keys were in the gas compartment. Survey equipment next to the vehicle was also stolen.

8601 Roberts Drive — On April 11, a 27-year old man said he believes a subcontractor, who was hired by the apartment complex to fix his bathtub, stole items from his apartment, including a signed Julio Jones football, photo, and a laptop.

6000 block of Riverside Drive — On April 11, the resident reported that his lawn lights were taken from his home.

8100 block of Colquitt Road — On April 11, a 66-year-old woman reported that her car was parked in an apartment parking spot. She started the car around 10 p.m., intending to go to the store. She re-entered the apartment, leaving the car running. When she returned, the car was gone. The car is a four-door 2008 Pontiac G8.

4800 block of Roswell Road — On April 12, a 22-year-old woman reported that while she was attending a class at a beauty school, someone stole her Samsung tablet from her bag. A second student reported a theft of a rolling backpack containing school items. An instructor at the school also reported a book stolen from a desk.

6080 Roswell Road ­— On April 14, a phone store reported two men snatched five phones from the wall display, then fled.

5505 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On April 15, an employee of a cosmetics brand reported someone accessed a money drawer and stole just over $400 and an iPad.

5925 Roswell Road — On April 15, an employee of a home improvement store said he placed his phone down while he was in the plumbing aisle and at some point shortly after, someone took it.

8337 Roswell Road — On April 15, a store reported a woman with a pink backpack stole a wig, relaxer, skin products and stockings, valued at over $100.

100 block of Mystic Place — On April 19, a 2012 Ford Escape was stolen from the residence just after 4 a.m. Video recorded the theft but the suspects were not visible in the images.

7000 Roswell Rod — On April 19, a 36-year old woman told police she was using eBay for the first time in order to sell an engagement ring. Someone corresponded with her and they agreed to the exchange. The buyer wanted to use PayPal, so she assumed everything was legit. The transfer was completed on PayPal and she shipped the ring to Oregon with a FedEx confirmation that the package was delivered. Minutes later, she was informed by PayPal that the transaction looked to be a scam and they had not received the funds. The location of the delivery appears to be a warehouse district.

That doesn’t leave one with many options. However, I would check the pawn shops in that community. Nothing to lose at that point.

Thefts from vehicles

Between April 9 and April 12 there were six thefts from vehicles.  Between April 14 and April 19 there were 10 thefts from vehicles.


4700 block of Roswell Road — On April 7, card info was stolen and used in Conyers.

A resident on Summer Crossing filed an April 7 report stating that she contacted a person via eBay’s cars for sale regarding a 2002 Toyota Avalon car that she was interested in. The contact person on the other end, using the name Celene Corona, instructed her to purchase three Visa gift cards for $500 each and send them to purchase the car. She did and is out $1,500 with no car.

The victim tried to stop the cards but they had already been cashed. The suspect contacted the victim again and said the victim would have to send $1,000 to cover insurance. The victim did not respond.

You need to program your brain to react to the words “pre-paid Visa gift cards” to automatically suspect that something is afoot!

A 64-year-old woman reported that three years ago, she had computer issues and contacted a company called “Team Viewer 11” on the internet to fix the problems. They did and she had no further issues.

On or about April 7, she received several phone calls and a voicemail from a number she did not recognize, so she ignored them. Later, her computer malfunctioned and she was left a voicemail saying that until she replied, her computer would be inoperable. Soon after, her computer screen froze with a message and phone number for “Team Viewer 12.”

The voicemail instructed her to go to the nearest Apple Store and purchase $2,500 in gift cards, scratch off the code and give that code to the caller. She did so. The victim, while waiting for the computer to be fixed, saw that $3,250 was being moved from her checking to credit account. She called the bank and was told she was transferring the funds.

Brighton Place — On April 10, a Verizon account was fraudulently opened.

Spring Creek Lake — On April 11, information was fraudulently used for a payday loan.


Spalding Trail — On April 6, officers were called to a residence just after 8 a.m. by a 37-year-old woman who told them she was arrested the night before and when she returned home, noticed something burning and found a door slightly open. Police responded and while searching the house, found a man inside the bathroom, sitting on the sink counter. The 33-year old man is suspected of taking the woman’s purse and contents. He was arrested. She said she was having a panic attack but declined to go with the EMS staff once they got there. The man was arrested and taken to jail. It was not stated in the report whether the pair knew one another.

7355 Roswell Road — On April 7, officers were called to drugstore on a report of a person using a fraudulent prescription at the store’s pharmacy. They located the man who, after figuring he’d been had, took flight with an officer chasing him through the store. The officer caught up and they tumbled a bit, causing the officer to injure his knee.

The suspect attempted to flee again but a second officer caught up with him and down he went. He was not injured and was arrested and accused of fraudulent prescriptions, obstruction and improper use of ID.

The officer’s knee was injured enough that he was taken to Northside Hospital by EMS. He will be out a while during recovery. The scripts were for Percocet and penicillin. The store noted on the original call that the suspect had been in before.

6400 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On April 11, cops were dispatched to a home improvement store around 2:30 p.m. on a shoplifting call with a fight added in for good measure. An officer arrived to find the suspect pinned by a store security employees and a witness.

The suspect was cuffed and secured. He then said he was having breathing problems and pain in his ribs, so an ambulance was called. Paramedics suggested he go to the hospital. The security employees said the suspect took a Dewalt 20-volt brushless hammer drill ($329) and a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill ($449) and placed them in a shopping cart, then walked out the contractor door, where there are no sensors. Security employees saw him and confronted him. He then took off running toward a big-box store’s gas area, where he was tackled.

The suspect gave a false name. Confronted with that, he fessed up with his real name, showing why he used a fake one. He was wanted in Cherokee and Jackson counties on probation violations; by Austin, Texas, police on a 2013 trespassing warrant; and on a warrant from the Dunwoody Police Department for violating probation on past traffic charges. He was later cleared at Northside Hospital and moved to the Fulton County Jail annex in Alpharetta.

Cedar Run — On April 11, a man called in to report that his car was stolen from Winding River Drive after he left the keys in it. The officer took the report and shortly after was contacted by a Norcross Police detective, who said they had the car following a police pursuit that resulted in the car wrecking and the driver absconding on foot. They also had five burglary warrants on the person whose name was the same as the person reporting the stolen car. After confirming the suspect was the same as the man wanted in Norcross, the officer returned and arrested the suspect. He was turned over to Norcross detectives and charged with a false report of a crime.

5570 Roswell Road — Security at a big-box store on April 11 detained a woman who alleged took two packs of Hanes bikini underwear, two pair of sunglasses and four earring sets and placed them in a reusable bag, placing that under another bag. She then went to the customer service desk and tried to return the underwear. She was charged with shoplifting and taken to jail.

6005 Glenridge Drive — On April 15, around 6:20 a.m. a patrol officer spotted a car with two men sleeping inside. He woke them and spoke to them. Both said they worked at SunTrust stadium the night before and were tired. The officer checked IDs and found the driver wanted in Forest Park for failure to appear on traffic charges.

7000 block of Saddle Ridge Drive — On April 16, officers were called to a home just after 6 a.m., responding to a complaint that someone was beating on the door of the residence. The caller feared a break-in and retreated to a bathroom with her small child. Officers located a man on the porch. He was intoxicated, telling the cops that he was dropped off nearby and thought this was his friend’s home. He provided an address that was one street over. That information was confirmed and he was charged with disorderly conduct, but released on a copy and taken to the correct address.

8300 Roswell Road — On April 17, around 12:30 p.m., a man reported that he observed a naked man run into the parking lot of the complex. The naked man danced for several minutes and, according to the report, exposed his genitals to the public. The witness saw the man return to his apartment. Cops located the man, who said his dog ran out while he was dressed in only a towel—but changed the story to say that he wanted to do something exhilarating and decided to run naked into a public place.

Reports indicated the public was not impressed.

6010 Sandy Springs Circle — On April 17, staff at a smoke shop reported that a man came in, bought some rolling papers, then later wanted a refund because the papers did not come with tips. (Tips, I guess, are little paper cones to enhance the rolling-paper experience.) He got mad and called the shop, cursed out the employee and threatened to come to the store and take his money back. An officer called him and gave him a criminal trespass warning not to return to the store. He continued to act like a fool. The officer hung up.

500 block of Hammond Drive — On April 18, around 1:00 p.m., while sitting in traffic on Hammond Drive, a detective watched as a man with a duffle bag walking along Hammond, opened a mailbox and looked inside. The detective stopped him and the man immediately said he was doing nothing wrong because there was no mail in the box and the box didn’t belong to a house. (Which was wrong because it was in front of a home, like most are.) The man allegedly began by saying the box had fallen over and he straightened it up, and then changed his story to say the box lid was open and he just closed it. The detective finally informed the man he watched him as he did these things and he was lying. Since there was nothing taken, the man was arrested for disorderly conduct, to appear in court, but was released on a copy of charges.

Other things

4300 block of Spring Creek Lane — On April 10, a 47-year-old man said he was at the location to help his friend move from an apartment because the other roommate was an alcoholic and hostile at times. Apparently, the other roommate locked them out, so they were waiting until he came out to get inside to move his stuff.

The suspect exited with his dog. Argument ensued, and the victim was hit in the face and pushed, resulting in a laceration to his lip. The victim removed his belt to defend himself, resulting in the suspect and his dog moving close to him in an aggressive manner.

The roommate was arrested, and then, once in custody, did the head-banging thing in the back of the patrol car. He allegedly yelled out that he hated the police, and then yelled out that he respected them.

Further silliness ensued. The suspect continued to head-bang until the officer removed him from the car to keep him from hurting himself. The suspect then complained that his chest hurt, and then, according to the report, lost consciousness. The officer called for an ambulance that arrived and the ambulance crew decided to take the suspect to the hospital. As the officer got into his patrol car, he saw the suspect get out of the ambulance and walk in the direction of Spring Creek Lane. The officer checked with the ambulance crew, who said the man said he was going home.

The officer again stopped and put the suspect in his patrol car. He went to Northside Hospital where he was medically cleared to be in jail. He went to jail, where the nurse declined to take him because of the knot on the head. The officer took the suspect back to Northside Hospital, where the doctor re-cleared the suspect, who was then taken back to the intake nurse who, probably reluctantly, cleared the suspect to be in their jail. During this time, the suspect allegedly said his family was very powerful and would own the officer.

In the old days: Guys went to jail and many times with a knot on the head from a scrap with someone or over something that got them arrested in the first place. If he complained about the knot, he got an ice pack. And, what is it with the head-banging? For years it seems drunk guys bang their heads against the metal barrier separating the front and back seats of the patrol car. Not once have I seen the barrier break.

A woman reported that she was on Northridge Road and changed lanes in front of another car whose driver honked the horn. The other driver pulled up and yelled to the complainant, “I took a photo of your tag. I’m going to come to your house and [expletive] you up!”

6420 Roswell Road — On April 12, an employee of a community dancing establishment called police to report an assault. The 23-year-old victim had a visible injury to her forehead. She told the officer that another employee was angered by her comment after a dollar bill was dropped onto the floor. The victim said she picked it up and put it in the suspect’s chair, which caused the suspect to “buck up.”

According to the report, the suspect picked up a hair dryer and hit the victim in the forehead, then ran off, taking the car keys of another employee, and left. The victim was checked by EMS, but declined a trip to the ER.

The officer noted in the report that identity of the suspect was not known other than her stage name.

For those of you who have led a sheltered life or perhaps have been grossly misinformed, employees of such establishments do not use their real names. They use “sexy” names to further the atmosphere. I don’t know of many community dancing establishment employees named “Hazel.” My apologies to all the Hazels out there.

A 27-year old man on Treelodge Parkway said he and his girlfriend live together and are planning to marry. Those plans may be on hold as of April 12, when his girlfriend accused him of infidelity issues and grabbed him on the upper left arm, causing a bruise. She left the location before the cops arrived. He did not want medical assistance nor to press charges, but wanted the bruising documented. He is expected to recover fully from the bruise.

8340 Roswell Road — An employee at a gas station reported someone tried to set fire to the A/C fuse box by putting pine straw in it and setting it on fire. Wires were damaged, but that was it. This was the second time someone tried to burn it.

6445 Powers Ferry Road — A man said he was in his Ford F-250 truck, which had tinted windows, around 1:30 p.m., catching a cat-nap, when he was awakened by someone trying to get in. The suspect could not get the door open, so he returned to his car and picked up something, at which time he noticed the truck’s occupant. The man then quickly left in a red or maroon, beat-up Dodge Charger.

5675 Roswell Road — On April 17, a 49-year-old man said he was behind a gas station around 9 p.m., walking on the path leading to an apartment complex, when a man approached him and put a gun to his chest, telling him “I’ve been looking for you, [expletive]!” A woman with the suspect said, “Don’t do it,” then both fled. The victim later saw the man while at work, staring at him. He told the officer he has no issues with anyone and does not know why the man threatened him.

A 37-year-old man said he wanted to report a larceny that occurred five years ago at 6850 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road. The reason was this: His babysitter was suspected in the theft of his expensive watch and $200, but he could not prove it at the time. He said that he took it as a sign to stop partying. He said it was a “karma” incident that got his attention, so he did not file a report.

Several days prior to this report, he and his wife were in New York, where he lives now, and ran into the former babysitter while in a restaurant. His wife decided to confront the former babysitter, who allegedly admitted the theft, saying she was doing drugs and needed the money. She pawned the watch in Buckhead for $3,000.

He was advised to file the report so detectives can follow up on pawn records to locate the watch, since he has clear records and photos of it. He wants to confront the babysitter to pay him back or be prosecuted.

Hope he gets the watch back, because extradition is tough for a theft.

Several cars were damaged on I-285 and Glenridge Drive after a tire fell from a vehicle and was struck by several oncoming cars, causing damage to front ends.

1165 Perimeter Center Way — On April 19, a secondhand store staff said a man tried to pass a $100 bill that, when viewed, looked fake. It was. The suspect said he didn’t have time to wait and left, without the $100 bill.