Plans to build a 12-story hotel at 84 Perimeter Center East are being revived after nearly a decade.

Attorney Laurel David presents a conceptual site plan for a proposed hotel and restaurant/retail development at 84 Perimeter Center East. The pink indicates retail, the tan space in the back the hotel. Ashford-Dunwoody Road is to the left. (Dyana Bagby)

Atlanta-based developer Branch Properties representatives attended the June 4 Dunwoody Homeowners Association meeting discuss their proposed plans, first made in 2008, to build a hotel at the currently vacant bank building that is across the street from Perimeter Mall and and adjacent to the Exxon gas station on Ashford-Dunwoody Road. The site has approximately two acres.

The current hotel proposal has the new building at 200 rooms and 12 stories, including a two-story parking deck. Also part of the proposed development is approximately 50,000-square-feet of commercial space divided between two two-story buildings.

In 2008, before the city of Dunwoody was formed, the developers met with the DHA and got is endorsement to build a 12-story, 232-room hotel along with a 70,000 square-foot fitness center. DHA President Robert Wittenstein said at the time, the DHA went before DeKalb County to endorse the planned project and the developers got the commercial rezoning needed from the county.

The hotel concept remains essentially the same as it did in 2008, but rather than the 70,000-square-foot fitness center, the developer wants to build a mixed-use development with commercial and retail, according to Laurel David of the Galloway Law Group, attorney for Branch Properties.

Entrances to the hotel and retail/commercial buildings would be off Perimeter Center East, according to an early concept plan showed to DHA members.

A commercial building with its front facing Ashford-Dunwoody Road would likely house a restaurant, David said. A second, smaller building attached to the hotel could possibly include a restaurant with rooftop seating, she said.

Jack Haylett, senior vice president of Branch Properties, said his company has received a great deal of interest from hotels wanting to locate at the site including hotels not currently in the area.

“We are in negotiations with a couple … but we can’t name them yet,” Haylett said. “We have had a lot of interest.”

No applications for the proposed development have been submitted to the city, David said, but a rezoning will be needed for the proposed restaurant/retail space.

A traffic study will be conducted to address concerns on Ashford-Dunwoody Road, she said.

Wittenstein said the original DHA agreement with the developer will likely remain in place but that if members agree with its final site plan for the property, an addendum to the agreement can be made.

Below, David shows early renderings of the proposed hotel and commercial/restaurant development at 84 Perimeter Center East.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

7 replies on “12-story hotel proposed on Perimeter Center East in Dunwoody”

  1. Perfect. Another dense building in the already over clogged Dunwoody area. Afternoon drives going 1 mile or less take 50 minutes now. Good idea to add more population and do NOTHING to the road capacity. I moved out of Dunwoody in January due to the poor leadership in the area. County administrators should be ashamed of themselves and complacent residents simply accept the poor leadership and long commutes.

      1. Of course you would look at it as a complaint. It isn’t – it is a fact that Dunwoody is growing too fast without a cohesive long term plan. Traffic congestion and all the crime is ruining the area. Enjoy sitting back and watching it happen CC.

  2. This project would add value for everyone including my residence in Dunwoody. Go forward and grow there are too many older Dunwoody residence who have to let go of the past and allow our great city to evolve (yes that means grow)! If we do not grow and evolve we will be left behind (like Dinosaurs). Perhaps its just me but I see a very attractive city center developing which will provide a safe and very fun gathering place for progressive residence of Dunwoody.

  3. I like this development. Just hope we get better sidewalks and safe ways to cross Ashford Dunwoody Road. The last thing Dunwoody needs is wider roads, people need to be encourage to walk, bike and use Marta.

  4. While this sounds great, its too much. We already have enough hotels and retail in the area. What makes the DHA think we need more of this. Oh wait, someone thinks we need more $$ in the pockets of the politicians and the city coffers. The same thing is happening in Sandy Springs where it is being RUINED and overrun with commercialism for the tax $$’s and losing its identity as the small historic town it was. Dunwoody is moving to the same and besides that area is congested already….why do more with this?

  5. Seriously – Stand on Ashford-Dunwoody by the Ravinia or near the mall about 5:10 pm during the week and picture all those commuters walking or biking back to their homes. Wonder exactly what the ‘traffic study’ will determine is needed? A few more traffic lights or a few more off duty police at critical intersections perhaps? Not the answer.

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