The Brookhaven Parks and Recreation Department is bringing back goats to city parks to cull the land of invasive plant species, including the notorious kudzu vines.

Goats cleared invasive plants at Briarwood Park in 2015. (Photos city of Brookhaven)

“Kudzu has been known to grow at rates as rapid as one foot per day and their invasive nature demands effective methods of control,” said Parks and Recreation Director Brian Borden in a statement. “I believe that the utilization of goat herds is not only effective but environmentally friendly as well.”

The city is renting the goats from Get Your Goat Rentals. The work, er, eating, will begin Saturday, July 29, at Osborne Park where the goats will be for two weeks. Another herd of goats will begin eating their way through Briarwood Park in mid-August.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

One reply on “Goats to gobble up invasive plants in Brookhaven parks”

  1. Please be careful to keep the goats on the south side of that chain link fence in Osborne Park. There are several rare native plant groups north of that fence that would be destroyed if goats were allowed. The English Ivy on the fence’s north side can wait!!–Tom Reilly, Volunteer, National Wildlife Federation

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