The city of Brookhaven rejected bids for a planned tricycle track at Ashford Park after bids came in significantly higher than estimated.

City staff had estimated the project to be approximately $10,000. The two bids received were for $65,000 and $75,000.

The Ashford Park master plan that includes a tricycle track indicated at left of this rendering. Click to enlarge. (City of Brookhaven)

“We are rejecting all of the bids. These amounts are unconscionable,” Brookhaven City Manager Christian Sigman told City Council members at the Aug. 22 meeting. “Staff will revisit the scope of work to ensure the description is clear, and that all qualified contractors have an ample opportunity to provide a competitive bid.”

The project consists of converting an existing concrete pathway into a tricycle track for kids using colored stain and traffic marking paint on top of the existing concrete. This included pressure washing, the application of concrete stain and traffic marking paint, and tricycle-traffic signage, according to the city.

The project is one of the improvements identified in the Ashford Park Master Plan.

The rejected bids due to higher than estimated cost follows a trend in capital park projects coming in significantly more than estimated in the city. Last month, the City Council expressed sticker shock for projects at Murphey Candler Park and Georgian Hills that came in much higher than anticipated.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.