Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department provided the following information from its records. The following incidents and arrests represent some, but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police between July 29 and Aug. 3.

Capt. Steve Rose


West Belle Isle Road — On July 29, after 5 a.m., the victim told officers responding to a burglary in process call that a person had been inside his detached garage, using a flashlight. The suspect left and walked from the area. The officers were unable to locate him.

100 block of Dunwoody Springs Drive — Sometime between July 23 and July 29, someone entered the home by forcing a sliding door to the kitchen. The resident found the bedroom ransacked and jewelry missing from her jewelry box.

500 block of Calaveras Drive — On Aug. 1, between 9:15 a.m. and 1 p.m., someone entered the residence and took a MacBook Pro, Mini-iPad, Ryobi nail gun, Ryobi drill/driver, and a Milwaukee drill/driver. The burglar entered through a rear basement door. Once inside, the suspect(s) moved to the garage, where they stole the tools. The electronics were taken from an area near the dining room.


6900 block of Roswell Road — On July 30, a 26-year-old man said he took a ride share home at around 2:30 a.m. and accidentally left his cellphone and debit card in the car. He said when he arrived home, he got out of the car and opened the gate at which time the car drove off. The card was later used.

5300 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road — On July 30, a Suzuki GSXR motorcycle was stolen.

800 block of Edgewater Trail — On July 30, a 38-year-old woman reported that during a time when their home, which was for sale, was viewed during an open house, someone stole a watch and jewelry.

6000 block of Blue Stone Road— On July 30, a black Diamondback bicycle was stolen from the loft parking space.

900 block of Abernathy Road — On July 31, the complainant said that sometime between July 28 and July 31, someone accessed the construction site and stole a 20-feet long trailer used for equipment.

300 block of Highland Park Trail — On July 31, a 47-year-old man reported that he discovered that the community mailboxes had been opened and from his mailbox he was missing his medication and other miscellaneous mail. Included in the stolen mail was a Pep Boys rebate card that later was used.

100 block of Glenridge Point Parkway — On July 31, a 57-year-old woman reported that upon returning from a trip, she discovered that several items were missing from her apartment and that her laundry room had been damaged. The officer’s report noted that she was burning incense that she claimed was due to the “devilish things going on.” She told the officer that she would be contacting the “Feds” because she could not remain silent anymore about what she knew, having something to do with a rap group and family member.

2000 block of Dunwoody Club Drive — On July 31, the owner of a liquor store said that about 8 p.m., a man came into the store and took two vodka bottles and left without paying. He drove off in a VW Jetta with a temporary tag.

6400 block of Roswell Road — Employees at a package store said a man came in and stole a bottle of Ciroc Pineapple Vodka and put it in his pants before leaving. He looked like he was happy to see everyone when he walked out.

Men are so egotistical that they believe they can steal anything, shove it down their pants, and walk out completely unnoticed. Those items include small tools (not a pun) and even circular saw blades.

1000 block of Calibre Springs Drive — On Aug. 1, a woman reported she met a woman named Daisy at a wine-tasting event. The woman allowed Daisy to stay at her residence for a few days. Later, she noticed her tablet, camera, clothes, makeup and shoes were missing. All she knew of Daisy was that her first name was Allison.

Do your homework. You are allowing others well within your home and your stuff. You need to know more about them.

6600 block of Roswell Road— On Aug. 1, a 41-year-old man said he was at a gym between noon and 1 p.m. when someone took two credit cards and a debit card from his wallet. $970 was later charged to one card and $1,201 charged to the other credit card. On Aug. 2, another man reported the theft from this same location. His AMEX card number was taken and later used fraudulently. $50 cash was also taken.

6000 block of Cherry Tree Lane — On Aug. 2, resident reported that a surveyor was working on the home next door and noticed two canoes on the edge of the victim’s property. He inquired if they were for sale and the resident said they were not. He asked if she would move them off the property line, which she did. She left town for a few days later and on return, discovered the two canoes were gone. She contacted the company that did the survey, asking where they were. She was informed they found one of them, but not both. The found canoe was brought to her home.

Thefts from Vehicles

Between July 29 and Aug. 3, there were 11 thefts from vehicles.


5500 block of Roswell Road — On July 28, a loss prevention employee at a discount department store witnessed a man steal a Jensen Cassette player, remove it from the package, and then walk past all points of sale. He was detained and later charged with: 1. Shoplifting and 2. Living in the past.

7000 block Roswell Road — Following a traffic stop on July 28, the driver was found to be wanted by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant accusing him of criminal trespass and simple assault related to family violence. He was arrested.

8700 block of  Roswell Road— On July 30, just before 9 p.m., cops were called to meet with firefighters who recovered stolen beer, taken by a man from the nearby grocery store. The man returned to the store to steal more, which he allegedly attempted as the officer walked in. He turned and ran to the bathroom, then exited the bathroom empty handed. When he was questioned, he began to scream and yell, emitting a fair amount of alcohol content on his breath. The officer arrested him and drove him to the Fulton County Jail annex in Alpharetta. The man became unruly, kicking the door and making threats such as, “I will whoop your ass right here, I want to kill you. You are not God, I’ll find a way to kill you, you ($#*!@!!,) and other assorted pleasantries. As such, the charge of terroristic threats was added.

1100 block of Perimeter Center West — On Aug. 1, police were called to a charity clothing store just after 4 p.m., after an employee became disruptive after being fired. She began to throw items from the shelves to the floor and briefly tangled with the store manager, who said the actions caused the “shoppers to flee.” The woman was arrested.

I don’t need to tell you but remember, it’s all fun and games until the shoppers flee.

5500 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 1, employees of a discount department store detained a man they said stole two phone chargers, removed them from their packages and placed them in his pocket. His actions were captured on video. He was later arrested.

Ga. 400 — On Aug. 1, a patrol officer spotted a car traveling around 80 mph. He stopped the car because it was in the 55 mph construction zone. The man was on probation, so the officer checked further and found that the man was known to carry firearms and had been arrested for assault and narcotics. He was subsequently arrested for possessing cocaine and a weapon during the commission of a crime. The man had in his possession several credit cards, not his, and was charged with the fraudulent transactions with those cards.

5500 block of Roswell Road — On Aug. 2, two men were arrested at a discount department store for stealing two Altec speakers valued at about $40 each. Both men were taken to jail.

Other Things

Abernathy/Glenridge roads— On July 28, a 53-year-old man reported he was in traffic. The traffic moved with the exception of the car ahead. He honked, then drove around and alongside where he saw a woman who pointed a gun at him and asked if he had a problem. She then drove off.

A 60-year old man reported that someone accessed his credit card information and used it at a shopping club in Alpharetta for $9,973 on  July 18. They used it again for $9,950 on July 21. At the time of report, the club was not yet sure what was purchased.

5900 block of Roswell Road — On July 31, a 21-year-old woman reported she was followed into a parking lot by a man who parked next to her and “verbally abused” her regarding what he claimed was almost hitting her as she pulled into the parking lot. The woman apologized, saying she never saw him. She said she then heard a sound as she walked away from her car, and realized the man had cut her tire. A witness grabbed a tag number that was tracked to a Sandy Springs address. The person there allegedly admitted slashing the tire, saying the woman almost hit his brand new vehicle. The man was charged with criminal trespass and released pending an Aug. 30 court date.

A 35-year-old woman reported on July 30 that she has been receiving threatening messages from another woman she suspects of being romantically involved with her boyfriend. She said the “other woman” threatened to burn her home and to assault her. While the officer was at the victim’s home, she received another text that the suspect was on the way to beat her up. She did not show.

6000 block of Ferry Drive — On July 30, a resident reported that his video camera showed a man standing on his doorstep just before 5 a.m. The video did not reveal anything about the suspect, only a flashlight in the pitch black background. No evidence of burglary or attempt was found.

100 block of Allen Road— On July 30, a man said he was hiking in the area of Allen Road when he came upon the abandoned home at No. 75. There, on the carport, was the mostly skeletal remains of a female lying in the carport. Items around the body (water bottle) indicated that she may have been homeless and died in her sleep some time ago. The preliminary report from the M.E’s. office showed no obvious signs of trauma.

1000 block of Hammond Drive — On July 30, a 30-year old woman reported that her neighbors were harassing her and listening into her apartment. They listen to what she is doing, then yell at her. The neighbors said they do not yell at her and they aren’t listening to her.

400 block Morgan Falls Road — On August 1, the company OnStar notified the PD that a stolen car was pinging at an apartment complex. The officers located the car, a 2016 Chevy Camaro, near the leasing office. The car was not occupied and confirmed stolen, by way of a fraudulent purchase, from Union City, Ga. It was impounded.

An 18-year old woman said she was called by someone who claimed to be with Internal Revenue Service and said the agency had issued warrant for $7,000 she owed to the government. She could have the warrant cancelled if she paid. She collected $1,500 in iTunes cards and sent the caller the scratch-off codes. He later called back demanding the money. She said he had an Indian accent.

How many of these have you read in this report over the past months? They’re scams.