DeKalb Schools will extend schools days by 20 minutes from October to December to make up for days missed during Tropical Storm Irma.

Every school day will be extended beginning on Oct. 2 and lasting through the end of the first semester on Dec. 20. Parents will receive a notification from their campus regarding the dismissal time, the press release said.

DeKalb schools and offices will also remain open on Election Day on Nov. 7, according to the release.

“We lost four days and we’re trying to be as creative and productive as we can about recapturing that time. Extending the school day with this schedule is the least disruptive for all parties,” Superintendent and CEO R. Stephen Green said in a statement.

DeKalb chose to extend schools days rather than shorten fall or winter breaks. The district is also reserving some inclement weather days for possible winter weather.

One reply on “DeKalb to extend schools days due to Irma closures”

  1. Wow, you’ve done it again! Is the Dekalb County board of education even capable of making one sane decision? Perhaps there could have been some discussion on this with Educators and parents? I would much rather lose the Monday and Tuesday of the Thanksgiving break or one more day at the beginning of the winter break then to screw up everybody’s schedule for 2 months.

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