DeKalb County School District has adjusted the previously announced extended day schedule to make up lost instructional days caused by Hurricane Irma closures.

DeKalb will now extend school days by 20 minutes beginning Oct. 2 and ending Oct. 31. The school district previously announced it would extend school days until Dec. 31, but has rescinded that after “focused outreach to stakeholder groups” and discussion between the superintendent and Board of Education, according to a release.

Nov. 7, which is election day and normally not an instructional day, will remain a school day as previously announced, according to the release.

To recover the remaining two days lost due to Irma closures, DCSD said it will seek input directly from its “principals, parent groups and community stakeholder groups” through Oct. 13.

That input will be considered by Superintendent Stephen Green in his final decision, which will be announced on Oct. 16.

“The final decision will be filtered through a collaborative process driven by one shared desire for both the Board and myself: to protect and recover instructional time, especially for those students most at risk,” Green said in a statement.