Le’Dor Milteer

Le’Dor Milteer.


Occupation: Executive Producer and Host of AIB Network’s “iN Contact” public affairs TV show.

Previous experience holding elected office: I have served my community for over 10 years in a non elected capacity. If I am so fortunate to be elected, I will continue to do so.

Other community service experience: I’m a member of Heritage Sandy Springs and a volunteer at the Farmers Market. I have helped to sponsor the city’s largest event, Sandy Springs Festival and also volunteered with Leadership Sandy Springs’ Movies by Moonlight Events. I have a passion for helping those in need and have been honored the Community Outreach Award for efforts to raise funds to help support lifesaving cancer research (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). I recently hosted two Hurricane Donation Drives for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma victim’s relief at the Sandy Springs Farmers Market and the Sandy Springs Police Department.

Why should the voters choose you for this position?

I have been a part of the Sandy Springs community for over 10 years, serving my community as a resident and business owner. As a mother of two and a PTA member, I understand the importance of community, family, strong schools and a high quality of life in Sandy Springs.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I will be the communication agent that will work with the mayor and the other City Council members, our local government resources, and District 4 residents to create an environment of open communication and productive problem-solving.

What is the biggest issue facing the district and how will you address it?

The biggest issue facing the district is traffic congestion, development and maintaining a walkable city. The best way to deal with ever-increasing traffic is by addressing responsible building. Once I’m elected, I’ll work with our city leaders and stakeholders to address these issues in a comprehensive manner.

The mayor and current City Council have made redevelopment of northern Roswell Road’s shopping centers and apartments a priority. What do you think redevelopment’s goal should be and what is the best way to achieve it?

The goal should be first improving livability by turning some the abandoned parking lots into greenspace and parks. We have the Abernathy Greenway; why not a Roswell Road Greenway? This will align with my walkability focus, as well as create an opportunity for more development of mixed-use spaces. If residents feel comfortable to walk to nearby restaurants or stores, this will help reduce our traffic problems in our city.

What is the best way for the city to deal with ever-increasing traffic?

Residents tell me all the time that traffic is a major concern. I’ve seen this city grow, and my husband and I experience this issue on a daily basis. The best way to deal with ever-increasing traffic is by addressing responsible building. The goal is to develop in areas that need more business opportunities and not building only in one concentrated area. Let’s take a step back and focus on building in areas that make sense, which meets our needs and demands while ensuring our transportation plans are aligned with our growth plan.

Is the city doing enough to ensure housing is affordable to middle- and low-income residents? Are there other strategies the city should try?

Creating an inclusive Sandy Springs is near and dear to my heart. Once I’m elected, I’ll work with property owners, city leaders and residents to address housing needs for our community. As our city has grown, housing options have developed and we have to make sure we have a city that’s affordable to those who invest in it and make it a better city for our teachers, police officers and firefighters. But we must always create a community that provides affordable housing opportunities, while still protecting owners’ property rights.

What city service or program needs improvement? How would you improve it?

Transportation Infrastructure that consist of roadways, traffic signals, street lighting, right of way policy, TSPLOST, traffic calming, traffic watch map and sidewalks. The fear of losing walkability and development are major concerns for residents in this city. I’ll work with our city leaders to address this program to improve it.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.