The DeKalb County School District announced Oct. 20 it will revise the schedule for extending the school days to make up for instructional time lost during Hurricane Irma. The school days will now be extended by 20 minutes until Nov. 30.

The district originally announced the extended days would go until the end of the semester on Dec. 20. The district then revised that schedule to end Oct. 31, citing community feedback, before moving the end date to Nov. 30.

The extended days will allow the district to recover three of the four days lost to Irma, according to the release. The district will waive the fourth day, the press release said.

“This month, we have diligently surveyed a cross section of parents, teachers, principals, teacher organizations, parent-teacher organizations, parent council groups, and school council members. The result was an arrangement that enables our schools to regain a major portion of the lost time needed for achievement. Extending the school day with this schedule is the least disruptive for all parties,” R. Stephen Green, DeKalb’s district superintendent and CEO, said in a press release.

The press release also said DeKalb “will continue an aggressive communications campaign to keep students, parents and the community informed about how this temporary schedule change will impact student transportation, afterschool programs and athletics.” Those updates will be available on the district’s website at, its mobile app and on Facebook and Twitter, the release said.